Interlude Two: Page 2


  1. And here I was thinking, “Poor Ah’tekk. Having to beat up neighborhood tikidi just to find a dealer who can supply his coke habit. That time as a prisoner really messed him up.” And I just thought last time that he rolled Degur for money . . .

    Actually I am holding my breath to see what happens next. But I still like joking about it.

  2. Oh man, still no comments yet. XP I volunteer! I will do the thing.

    I say! This is one of my most favourite pages. So much cool. It’s really need to see tikedi and tekk interacting and communicating on this level. Even if, you know, it means bad news for the both of them. Still love that, “AHHHHH!” XD

    1. Haaaa, appreciated. XD I just think of it as everyone in my readership holding their breath during the action. It tends to be true. ;P

      Poor Degur. He so didn’t want to be a part of this experiment in tekk-tikedi interactions. Conversations that start out with one party screaming just can’t be any good. ;P

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