Interlude Two: Page 1


  1. And that’s when I realized, Ah’tekk had turned to mugging and highway robbery in order to support his habit.

  2. Happy birthday from a resident lurker! It only gets better from here (if you let it). Joke aside, confidence and love for one’s one self are things one has to grow into.

    1. Thank you so much! You speak words full of truth. I’m getting better at both over time, and it opens so many doors when I realize the things I totally can do. 🙂 Thanks again! Lovely sentiments.

  3. Hmmm. I predict the ‘thievery’ is that Ah’tekk has begun abducting individuals with intent to take the time to maim and torture in a mad quest for vengeance that could never possibly be fulfilled.

    …OR he’s kidnapped Degur with intent to force him to be useful for a more twisted and decidedly un-Tekk scheme. I’m not sure which would be more disconcerting.

  4. Happy even more belated birthday! 🙂

    Well, weren’t the latest pages a non-stop ride of in media res and suspense…
    But it seems we’re in Shan’rekk’s tale now.

    Is this really Degur? And I think it is Ah’tekk there, he had spiky hair.
    Well, this is the perfect meeting. The smell of villainy must be thick in the air. 🙂

    And I like the coloring of the page. Greens are… refreshing. And it seems darker than most pages. And somewhat… abstract (is this a tekk covered in vegetation, or just a shadow?).

    I also feel like the font is slightly different. Is it?

    1. Ha, thanks for the belated birthday wishes. 😀 No worries. I believe in dragging out birthdays long before and after the day. My practical reasoning for that is that it lets me spoil my friends more. I can accept the same in regards to my own birthday, suuuure. ;P

      I tried a new technique for painting the backgrounds. Using watercolors more the way that they were intended to be used. 🙂 It makes things a bit more abstract and undefined, but it lets me play with detail more, too. There are an awful lot of shadows in this part of the forest, so it gets a bit hard to tell what’s what at this point.

      The font is also new! You’re right. It’s similar to my other font, but easier to read, easier to scale, and it’s got extra characters that make life easier for the translator of the French version of the comic.

    1. Whoo! Thanks! Yay, other people from 1985! 😀 I was born the exact same day that Back to the Future hit theatres and I’m strangely proud of that fact.

  5. 1: Ohhhh, that’s a beautiful page…
    2: Nice, new font!
    3: So it really was Ah’tekk after all…
    4. Holy shit, that’s someone I never thought we’ll see again!
    5. Waitaminute… There’s a tekk in the first panel :O …Ah’tekk?
    6: Oh, I suspect that the next pages will be somewhat gory…
    7: OMG why does it’s always like that? Each new page answer one question and grows two others 😀

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