Interruption One: Page 6


  1. Don’t you get it? It’s a circle, man. No beginning, no ending. You’re just looking at one part of the curve, and it goes on forever in each direction.

  2. I doubt it’s Jahrd, as they seem to be on the same side, reconciliation and a rebonding of the circle.

  3. wow, why does the other Tekk look WAYYYYYY more avian than your usual Tekk? He looks almost like a toothy Gryphon!

    1. Because he’s a different kind of tekk. ;P All tekk are actually closer to birds than reptiles, although they’re most accurately somewhere in between. It shows if you look at the details. They’re warm blooded (no need to bask in the sun to regulate body temperature, so they’ve got a more active lifestyle than most reptiles) and even the mostly featherless ones still have feathers on their back legs. This variety just has more plumage. They’re all big honkin’ dinosaur-birds, though. Both kinds.

      Now, where are these different sort of tekk from? Gooood question. And why is Shan’rekk hanging out with them and not in his own tree? Another good question.

      1. Those gryphontekk look darn cute.

        Also, my bet is Shan’rekk’s tree being destroyed by Tieke nukes.

  4. Is he talking about Jahrd or about Ah’tekk? Or is it someone completely different?
    Damn, the plot gets deeper and deeper, tangled and tangled from page to page :O

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