Interlude Two: Page 3


  1. Well, well, well…. SOMEONE has mighty large amounts of courage to stand up to something that outweighs him by a huge margin, has rather large teeth and realllly big claws…. is Ah’tek suicidal or is it just me?

    1. Not really suicidal. If he thought there was a way out of the situation, I’m sure he’d be leaping for it. But he’s lost, in the Crater, with the biggest tekk he’s ever seen pinning him to a tree, and he’s got a pretty nasty head wound.

      I think he’s pretty sure he’s doomed, and there’s not much left to lose. Might as well just vent every emotion he’s feeling.

  2. Zs plot she thickens and of course nwe gotta wait a whole week to find out what Ah’tek is plotting my curioisty is really piqued i truely wonder what is happenign on one hand part of me is speculating that Ah’tek is trying to help our little fuzzy hero but on the other hand has many have stated and that one tekk mentioned he has lost his lid and wants revenge not sure how but still if he does want revenge what kind and how but at the same time if that were true why would he let Jahrd get so close to him and the other Tekk why would he have allowed Jahrd to study them has much has he has, In fact why is it he would have even intereacted with our fuzzy hero if he wanted personal revenge but then again if one has truely lost their mind then i suppose the motives dont have to make sense at all, Curiouser and Curiouser,

    “Well I’ve seen a cat without a grin, but a grin without a cat is the most curious thing.”
    Alice Liddle Alice in Wonderland

    1. Yeah, Ah’tekk’s been pretty up front so far about his keen interest in killing all Tieke tikedi, at least. Last interlude that was already a significant cause for concern, and Ah’tekk wasn’t allowed near Crater’s Edge anymore. Someone was supposed to be keeping him under watch at the Harlech Tree and obviously hasn’t been doing the job.

      I’m sure he wouldn’t have too many qualms about idly murdering a few Tarsin, as well. In Ah’tekk’s addled mind, the balance and the Circle are already a ruin, so why not?

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