Chapter Two: Page 164


      1. Kirie’s going too? Sweet! I was about to complain about him leaving her behind. Well, the quest begins!

  1. i still cant figure shakan out with Kiere do they got a thing going on or is that between her and jahrad gah so confused!

    1. Personally, I’m not sure that any of them actually know if they have a thing with one another or not either. Not for real. But maybe. They really should try sitting down and getting to really know one another. I think they’ve all neglected that bit while being distracted with their own individual hurts.

  2. That feel of departure… I can almost smell the dust of the roads, feel the scorching sun on my scruff.
    Why is Shanka leaving? And that spirits thing was an interesting peek into the Tarsin beliefs.

    How many pages are left for this chapter? It was so intense and thrilling! 😀

    1. We haven’t gotten a crystal clear answer in regards to Shanka and his motivations, especially since he’s been making decisions quietly, in the background, amid chaos, but there’ve been a few clues, anyway. He’s been getting more and more sullen as he grows up, and especially since the incidents in Gessick… although maybe it goes deeper than all that. We know that whatever’s bothering him so badly, he’s uncomfortable, and uncertain, and worried, and it shows in how wishy washy his choices seem to be, with no real confidence behind them, and a lot of second guessing. Yet he’s definitely determined to make choices, as if he’s trying to fix something, or pull himself out of a rut. Whatever’s at the true root of his problems, it’s something that he feels requires a major change, even if he doesn’t really yet know what the right path is. In short, he’s having a bit of an identity crisis that only Balta knows anything about, its roots are rather complicated, and he doesn’t feel safe/comfortable/capable of becoming who he needs to become while he’s in Oros. So it’s time to go. And to take Kirie with him.

      Jahrd hasn’t noticed any of that. If he does – and now they’re travelling companions, so there’s a greater likelihood of it – we’ll probably get a better idea of what’s going on.

      As for how many pages… Two! Well. Two-ish. I still need to flip a coin about a scene and figure out if I’m tacking it onto chapter two as a final hurrah or if it’s technically an interlude. But for all intents and purposes, we’re in the last handful of sentences before the chapter closes. 🙂 I’m so glad it was entertaining! That’s actually a relief. I’m an awful judge of my own work.

      1. This was an interesting overview of Shanka’s situation. As we never had the opportunity to see Shanka before Gessick, it’s nice to hear some about that too. I wonder now, will we get to see some of their childhood stories?

        Wow, this chapter ends soon :O how long will the chapter break be?

        Thanks for that detailed comment, it should go to the wiki… I might put it there 🙂

      2. I’d absolutely love to tell more of their stories outside the main plot, including some childhood stuff for Balta and Shanka. There’s so much I know but can’t share within the confines of the story itself. Truth be told, that’s… part of a project that’s keeping me busy behind the scenes these days. Hopefully I can talk about that properly soon. 🙂

        I actually don’t think the chapter break will be very long at all. Maybe a week? Two at most. If I take one. I’m pondering not taking one. I’m really anxious to get to the next chapter, I admit. XD But I should probably take even the tiniest break. This was a very, very long chapter!

        (but oh I can’t wait to continue)

      3. That is a wonderful thing to hear about Meghan! I hope you’ll tell us some more about it soon, I’m really curious right now 😀
        And oh, yes it was a long chapter. But it was pretty awesome! And I’m sure that the next ones will continue this line of awesomeness.

        P.S. I couldn’t replay directly to your last comment – no reply button was there, so I left my message here :/

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