Chapter Two: Page 163


  1. It’s some heavy emotional stuff, this page. Don’t know how to describe it better, but it’s very well done.

    Also, glad you’re feeling better.

    1. Thanks! I’m definitely glad to be feeling well enough to tell more story. 🙂

      It is pretty heavy stuff. Being ousted from the only familiar place that at least Shanka and Jahrd have known, with a lot of worries in tow, and.. it’s a very wide horizon, too. Just about anything could happen. It’s an ending and a beginning all in one.

  2. the air is heavy with that sense of ominus forboding, at least thats the impression i am getting from this page.
    glad your feeling well enough to update hope you make a full recovery soon and has always awsome work Meg.

    1. Thanks. 🙂 I’m starting to feel a lot better. It’s nice to be back to the story. Always is.

      Very doom, and much gloom, it’s true. But there’s also adventure on the horizon, and maybe getting away from Oros will be just what they need to really come into their own. One can hope. One can hope.

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