Chapter Two: Page 162


  1. Jahrd really is a revolutionist when it comes to the Tekk. Even his pa is surprised by him.
    And I guess that Jacind was a bit selfish here by hiding stuff from Jahrd. But, well, what else has does he have? 🙁

    1. welp givin the circumstances its not hard to forgive Jacind especially given recent events -cough festival cough- which would lead to him forgetting all the past details that would be considered important to jahrd not to mention Jacind’s failing health and now is really about the only time that things have even remotly calmed down a little for them to even consider talking about the past and any relavence it has to thier current situation all things considered i am suprised Calterra isnt going with them lol given how much she cares for Jacind, i mean its pretty obvious to anyone but the blind there are deeper than friendship cares there

  2. Yes – Jahrd the peace negotiator! I’m not sure if Jacind has been steering him in that direction, or has just realised Jahrd’s potential.

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