Chapter Two: Page 165


  1. I like the group, but please please don’t add a stupid little companion the children can relate to: no “Snarf” or “Scrappy Doo” or “Donkey” or “Frank the Pug” or “Jar Jar Binks” or “Twiki” or “Bumble” or “The Great Gazoo” or “Batmite” or “Bleep” or “Mort the Mouse” or whatever. If we can avoid that, we should have a good quest. Or I will accept some such as long as it gets eaten by the first Tekk encountered. I like the fact that this world has fangs and blood and casualties.

      1. They will find and adopt an abandoned cute baby tekk because reasons!

        They can even teach it to speak in broken English (well, whatever language tikedi speak that is conveyed as English, but broken nonetheless), as befits an 80s cartoon mascot.

        And this might result in actual causalities!

    1. You’re making me want to do this just to bug you.

      It would be hyper adorable. Huge eyes. Squeaky. Fluffy. Has its own musical number. Smells vaguely of potpourri at all times. The tikedi equivalent of the name “Buttons”.

      But this is me we’re talking about here, so it would also, somehow, be a raging murderbeast and probably remove someone’s limb(s)/murder their children and sweet aged grandmother/burn down a city or two, thus furthering the angst and the drama from which I gather my strength and power.

      In all seriousness: don’t worry! I’ve never written such a thing in my life and I’m not keen to start now.

  2. Never before has such a motley crew been assembled. Each pane captures each character quite well. I wonder how far they will get or where they will go. I am surprised I don’t see any supplies or large packs, must be all carried out of frame and I hope someone has brought a spear or something. Survival in the desert won’t be easy, good luck

    And wow, that’s a tall grave. Given the mounds and bumps we see in the background.

    1. Nah, they didn’t have much time to pack, so they didn’t bring much (also outfitting exiles especially well is kind of frowned upon). They’ll have to make a lot of stops for real, actual supplies. Hence heading directly for the waystation, which isn’t terribly far off, before figuring out where to actually go.

      But we’ll get there. That’s next chapter after all. =P

    2. Also: basically the Tarsin equivalent of a headstone, there. They pile up a lot of rocks as a grave marker, and if you really love the person, you spend a lot of time pitching in to make that and reflecting on your loss and your grief. The result can be some pretty big piles.

      Or a little pile, which is sadder.

      One more edit: Oh yeah! And tikedi are only around 4-ish feet tall, so it’s also a relative height. Still a big pile of stones, though.

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