Prophecy of the Circle: Thumbnails and Sketches

Been a bit since I posted a status update from Prophecy of the Circle, but I’ve been busy getting it worked on! In the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten the entire rest of Chapter Three outlined, transcribed into Scrivener, and I’ve started writing scripts. This last weekend I got far enough on those that I was finally able to tackle the next step that I hoped to achieve by the end of the year: I’ve made up thumbnails for the next ten weeks’ worth of comics! That’s twenty pages between the two storylines, all drawn in about two days. Not bad!

I decided on drawing these at about a quarter of the size of a finished page in order to get enough details down to really make my life easier when I start redrawing these, cleaning them up, and detailing them. I’m hoping the result will be faster process and also better looking pages. The planning stages of the comic were always what would slow me right down and cause a backlog in the past – I wanted to make really good pages, but it takes a lot of time and effort to get everything right, and working right to the deadline didn’t afford me that. This way, when I move on to pencilling pages, I’ve already done the thinking part.

There’s also some warm-up sketches I did before I started this. I’ve never been very good at maintaining the habit of doing warm-up sketches, but it definitely helps to loosen up my drawing hand when I do.

This is a jumbled mess of Jahrd and Jamet story pages, and some of them are pretty rough. I doubt it’s all that spoilery, so if you want a closer look then I’ve popped the file in as a not-quite-full-size downloadable.

And here’s the second page of warm-up doodles:

Hopefully we’ll see these turn into finished pages over the next month! I’ll see about getting them completely pencilled over the next week or two.

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