Buffer-Building Progress: Pencils Complete!

Apologies for the silence over the last week or so. I’ve been devoting all of my creative time to building the buffer for Prophecy of the Circle’s return and to try to do the best work I can while I’m at it. The thumbnail sketches I created before have been super helpful, and it really sped up the pencilling process so that I could work more detail in, which will also result in better inks and better pages overall. I’ll get going on inking these over the course of the next week, and also posting some doodles and sketches again now that I have the largest and most complex parts of comic-making out of the way.As an update to overall progress of bringing the comic back, I keep looking at the calendar and thinking that I probably can’t get everything done by the February deadline without rushing things. I’m considering pushing the date back to March 5th so that I make sure that I do a good job and get things sorted out just right. I can’t imagine needing more time than that, at least. I’ll make a news post on the homepage to that effect soon. I got an email a couple of days ago and there’s a bit more guest art for me to post there this week, too, so I’ll have some good news to mix in with the less-good news. Hurrah!

(Photo courtesy of Tim, the only one of us who could get tall enough by standing on my desk chair to photograph all of the pages in one go. Thanks, guy!)

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