Holiday Art Sale Part II: Store’s Open!


All right, there are only four little paintings up for now. Three are 8″ x 10″ and one’s about a millimeter shy of 9″ x 12″ because I had a brain fart while prepping the paper and trimmed it to the wrong dimensions (9″ x 12″ is the dimensions of a comic page, in case you’re curious), then failed to notice until it was already inked. Oh well! Bonus. That’s the Calterra one.

The comic is always my priority number one, but when I have spare time in the future more things will appear in the shop. Keep an eye on my Twitter, Tumblr, and/or Facebook and you might get to see progress shots of some future offerings before I finish them. 🙂 I might experiment with some different media in the future, too. Not just watercolors. We’ll see how things go!

For now, check it out. =D


  1. Aaaaaaa I can’t believe I missed this until now. I need to start checking the news more than once a month. >_<

    Fortunately Mr Squire and I seem to prefer different characters.

      1. I’m kind of a Shanka fan so it was a tough decision, but… I don’t know, something about his expression is simultaneously heartpiercing and fantastic. The entire thing reminds me how he’s been fighting on in an impossible situation for years.

        Or something like that. I had more words here originally but none of them worked right.

      2. Aw. I know what you mean. Jacind shoulders a lot that he doesn’t talk about or display very much, and visiting her grave alone is something of a revealing moment. Something that you don’t otherwise see. I hope it gets to you safely. 🙂

        If it helps, Shanka is delightful to paint (cadmium yellow just looks so vibrant and smooth!) so even if the current art of him and Balta disappears, there’ll probably be more in the future.

  2. There, one is already sold out, now. Would have liked to buy everything at once ;P

    It’s making me think about… What about keeping high-res versions of them in case to create print options on, for example, deviantArt? The prints would be cheaper than original and of course would not be the original, but maybe it would satisfy 1) people coming too late for the original (or having more money later), 2) people buying the original versions and still satisfied to not have just prints and 3) yourself, still earning a little bit of money from your hard work without having to pack and send more drawings than the original. Nobody would feel cheated, I think.

    I don’t know if I’m very clear. ^_^;

    1. All I’ll say is that yes, I have definitely considered that and I never let anything leave without taking a high res scan of it, just in case I need it later. For now, this is the only way to get these art pieces, but the future is open to possibilities. 🙂

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