Interruption One: Page 2


  1. So it is far away in time and place, as I suspected. And it IS older Jahrd we’re talking about! 😀 That’s gonna be interesting.
    It also makes clear in who’s perspective the story so far was told, which intrigued me before.

    Dakren… with this black fur… hmmm… the other black tikedi we’ve seen was one Tygren guy. I guess that he is Harangin (also his ears gave him as one). I also guess that the “***ren” type surnames are common for those Harangin guys.

    And he looks very official. Spaceman-like uniform and such. And the gloves… yeah, looks very spacey to me to be honest.

    Also, interesting place for this converstion. Who have built this thing, and how in the hell they got in?

    So many questions! A never ending suspense here at ProtC 😀

    1. I don’t know… I feel like Dakren’s a Tieke. He has similar fur patterns to Aurorin, and Meghan said that guy was a full-blood Tieke.

      And I don’t remember exactly the three races picture from the old encyclopedia (couldn’t find it on the wiki), but the Harangin had weird tails, and Dakren has a nice, long, swimmy, Tieke one.

      Also, just how old is Jahrd in this one?

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