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  1. Interruption One
    “Wait a minute. Stop.”
    Well, that is a way to interrupt someone, can’t argue there. 😛

    Anyone willing to make a bet that the “stop” is actually “areshek”?

    And since I’ve had to browse the archive to recall how that word was spelled, here’s a question out of nowhere:

    On chapter 1 page 29, Renn’tekk (who was unnamed back then) says to Jahrd “Tikedi Renn’tekk areshek.” Is this how tekk normally speak (ie. using their names instead of pronouns) or was Renn’tekk just trying to be polite to the linguistically clueless but eager foreigner, by making a “conversation” that consisted of his name, her name, and the one word he understands?

    Also, I just now noticed that, because of lettering, it’s impossible to tell that “Renn’tekk” is actually a proper name. Nice trick.

    1. The tekk language is a hunter’s language, and it’s rather minimalist. Names in place of pronouns is pretty common, if they have to speak verbally at all. As Jahrd’s noticed, a lot of what they say to each other is through other means, like body language (and there’s more to it that he hasn’t discovered yet) which makes it nearly or totally impossible for him to ever be fluent (I take a bit of license in the tekk interludes just for ease of understanding; there may be a speech bubble but not all of what they say is necessarily spoken out loud). All the more reason why it’s important to him to find any tekk that show interest in speaking his language instead, and doing his best to just interpret theirs.

      Or at least that should be important to him. =P

  2. First thing I thought it would be is a move to other time (and other place?), far (or maybe not so far?) in the future, where old(er?) Jahrd is telling his story to someone – and for the first time, this someone cuts this story to ask a question. Something like mike wrote.

    Next monday we’ll be wiser 🙂

  3. Oooh, could it be a second narrator? Or a bit of interactivity where the listener says, “Hey wait a minute. What about . . . ?” Cool!

      1. Then again, a circle has no beginning or ending. Unlike your standard quest!

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