• Meghan says:

      That’s kind of how I feel too. It was a fun little vacation of sorts, but it’s good to be home. =P

      I’m really glad you liked the story! I was honestly terrified I’d lose everyone as soon as I switched formats. I’m glad that people stuck around and even seemed to enjoy it. 🙂

  1. StyxD says:

    Alas, the lady playing Eika does not have the same majestic hair as the original.

    It slipped my attention during the story, but I remembered now. I wondered if the outfits that many young men wear (ex. Jahrd) are warriors’ uniforms. Now, it seemed to me that the armor the guards in one of the story’s pictures were wearing looked similar, so… confirmed?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Degur? Agreeing with Vendess? And with beauty, at that? I thought he was too much of a wet towel to see anything pretty. XP

  3. Rice says:

    this ambiguous last sentence , you are teasing us!:)
    stage fright about the first Ring or a discord through the scheming from Degur where Kirie is just a tool for him, while she ain’t know it by her self due the young age of her (*) ^^

    Vendess does clapping with his hands do he? if he do it’s very gentlemanly in reflection how i would clap with my hands while i angle a hand by ~45° so that the fingers don’t over each other. ^^

    (*)is it Degur besides Vendess or an other Elder?
    if it him, what is guess based on his sideburns are the same, you have changed his “brown”markings, eyebrowns & Hair . 😉
    he don’t look that “evil/grim” anymore with this facial setup!

    PS: Yes i know that critique is picky, but it’s only because i had Degur that good on mind that it had looked odd for my self… well if it him as prerequisite 😀

    • Meghan says:

      What fun would it be if I didn’t tease. ;p

      Vendess wasn’t meant to be clapping (I doubt that would work as well as with humans, considering tikedi hands are so fuzzy), just hands pressed together, but I see how it could be interpreted that way. Either way, his enthusiasm is pretty clear, and that’s the point. =p

      Yeah, that’s Degur. =P

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