1. MikeyLikesIt says:

    Yeah, we Americans get all rankled when some busy-body gets all up in our face and our business and tells us what to do. By natural sympathy I have to root for Jahrd, and hope he has the stones to tell her to “Step off Bi-otch!”
    Actually, what I would really like to see is that when push comes to shove, he calls on a Tekk for help.
    Not that I don’t understand her tribal communitarian position. From her and many other’s positions she is right. I think what actually makes her wrong is that events are moving aside from Jahrd’s research. It’s not like she can really turn back the clock by getting him under her thumb. But she can’t really see that, can she? History sweeps aside by the millions those who fail to recognize change and flow with it.

  2. Lazy J says:

    by what right should he listen to her if and i do say “if” she really did take his notes she’s the one who went behind his back and took them she’s the one who gave them to Degur so by what right should he listen to her if she’s the one whos making this mess a whole lot worse? I’m just saying

  3. StyxD says:

    Panel 3.

    Silly jokes aside, I really like their expressions in the last two panels, and how they mesh together. Very intense.

  4. Divergance says:

    Let me get it right… The subtext is that Kirie want Jahrd to get his 3rd earring that day, to prevent Degur from publicly accusing Jahrd for messing with the Tekk, and his father for helping him with it?!
    By choosing his role in the community it would be less likely to think that he was really doing all these “Tekk talks” he’s going to be accused for.
    And that only given that Kirie really gave Degur the incriminating papers, and he have nothing else up his sleeve…


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