Chapter Two: Page 153


  1. “Gott im Himmel!” you mean, lazyj 😉
    Good thing that now we’re going to learn more details about the confinements of Tekk (and experiments I’m sure) in Tieki city that the Tekk themselves had talked about before…
    Too bad that the Tekk – especially Ah’tekk and his group – were so unforgiving towards Kraelyn even after she escaped from Tieke city herself and seemingly regretted what she had done 🙁 Especially if Jacind had a hand in the freeing of this Tekk we’re seeing here. Will it turn out to be Ah’tekk I wonder, or another Tekk captive, perhaps one of many?
    This story is so wonderfully complex as it’s characters are profound, the panel-composition as well as the watercolors are so extremely beautiful, especially on this page – I am totally smitten by this amazing webcomic!

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