Chapter Two: Page 152


  1. I get the feeling they are not allowed to see each other because she just got pregnant. I mean, all those moon lit nights, all alone, and just sharing Tekk stories?

    I suppose they could’ve been just talking.. But why would that suddenly be bad when the other priestesses knew of their contact and kept the hospitality going until now?
    Something clearly changed. (or maybe they think he’s the one putting blasphemous ideas in her head)

    1. Even though the Priestesses of Teyka aren’t celibate, it’s still a possibility. Jahrd and Jacind both have this tendency to give off the vibe of “riffraff we don’t want none of in these here parts”. It’s a genetic curse, it seems. =P

  2. “So after your mother wouldn’t let me see her, I wore a big robe and stalked her”. That’s not a standard “how i met your mother” kinda story XD

    Though he IS adorable with this kinda robe and those braids things. And it’s evident that Jahrd got that ‘getting in troubles’ gene from his father :/

    1. I don’t condone the stalking behaviour, but it’s definitely the kind of thing Jacind would do. He and Jahrd do have that particular magnetic attraction to putting their foot in it up to the knee, after all, you’re exactly right. =P

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