Chapter Two: Page 150


  1. “A disillusioned priestess and an exiled escapist”. Oof, I like that. I do. That’s a really apt description of these two. It only makes sense that Jahrd drags minor chaos with him wherever he goes with that kind of parentage.

    And oh, she saw Jacind as a very fascinating and refreshing change of pace from her life in Tieke City, you bet. 🙂 They were a heck of a match for each other.

  2. The story of Mom and Dad. A disillusioned priestess and an exiled escapist.

    No doubt she would find his different colour and the sound of his voice a little exotic. Though they speak to all kinds of travellers she seems to be spending more time with him. Likely more interesting then your average traveler. Seems Jahrd is carrying on his mother’s work.

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