Chapter Two: Page 149


  1. I must say, Tieke discrimination against Winged Tikedi is most disconcerting. I’d think they’d moved past such petty prejudices.

    It’s interesting, though. If Teyka was the pacifist Shen made her out to be, does this mean that Jahrd’s mother was in the “eradicate the tekk” camp?

    Also, I like young Jacind’s design. He looks a little like a character out of Final Fantasy. 😀

    1. But if the motivations of each “camp” are as straightforward as “kill them all” or “100% make peace”, I wouldn’t be able to give myself a perpetual migraine with intricately tangled plot webs that fill hundreds of little document files all over my hard drive. Where’s the fun? =P

      1. Ah, I see. At first I though that there may be factions “Teyka was too pacifistic” and “Teyka was too aggressive” (alongside a dozen factions “Teyka was so cool, and *here’s* what we think she intended”), but then I decided it might be overcomplicated… I’ll remember to never underestimate the complexity again. 😉

      1. Heh, the Tarsin think that Tieke City is chilly, regardless, but not freezing. And he just got there with whatever he happened to be carrying from Oros. He’ll have to pick up a few more layers somewhere soon. =P

        Yes, Jacind gets to wear a shirt and pants! Whoo. XD

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