Important News: The Great Big Move Has Begun!

You’ve possibly noticed already that I’ve gotten a bit quieter than usual. There was also a period where I fell behind a bit in updating some of the categories on Patreon. I mentioned a while back that I’ll be moving to Victoria, BC in September, and the beginnings of the moving process kind of sneaked up on me and swallowed a lot more time than anticipated. First of all, sorry for that. I like to keep things rolling as best as I’m able, but it all got away on me for a while. ._.

The good news is that that shouldn’t happen from here on in. Here, I have enough comics loaded into the queue to last until nearly the end of October,  and on Patreon I have enough sketchbook pages and side story updates to last the same amount of time. A good chunk of what I’ve uploaded is automated, so even if I’m not around, you’ll still get pages.  The story of Prophecy of the Circle should continue unhindered while I myself am all discombobulated. 🙂

I will still be a lot quieter. I’m going to spend the next day or two trying to catch up on comments and messages that’ve piled up while I’ve been busy so far, and then after that I’ll probably be doing responses maybe once a week  until I get settled and established on the other side.

I won’t be able to edit or fix any of the pages in the queue.  Not for a while, anyway. There’s one or two of you who tend to seek out my typos. You can totally still go ahead and make a note of them in the comments, but just know that it’s going to be several weeks and possibly over a month (maybe as long as two months, depending on if I can get my desktop suitably set up or not) until I can fix anything. All I’m going to have for a while is my phone, my tablet, and an eight year old laptop that can’t handle Photoshop.

Storenvy and Commissions are currently closed. My Redbubble shop will stay open, though, since I don’t actually handle anything besides designing products there. 🙂

When I get a handle on all of this, Twitter is where I update the most about the state of my life. It’s gone quiet as well while I scramble to stay on top of this huge event but it should light up again with chatter from me soon. Follow me there if you’re curious. 🙂

I’m really, really allergic to going on hiatus, apparently.

Thanks for understanding! Hope to get things back to normal around here soon. 😀

Necklaces and Fanart


Tarsin bond-necklace inspired jewellery. It exists! This is just the first batch. I’m hoping to create more over time, and I have some in-the-works Tieke City inspired necklaces as well that’ll pop up as they’re completed. For now, you can enjoy these (hopefully) fine offerings.

These are all one-of-a-kind, although some are similar to one another. Still, no two will ever be the same. They range in price from $25 USD to $35 USD, depending on the length, mostly.

There are more details available in the shop at Storenvy.



I also have two new pieces in the fanart gallery from last month, both from DeviantArt. The first is a Tarsin alongside a Kilm from Shades of Gray (a comic I need to give a read-through, yet), drawn by chuckyzoopa.


The second features Jahrd and Shan’rekk and it was part of a trade with Sarah Sellers, the creator of another webcomic Dragontry.


To The Future

Sorry that I got kind of quieter than even my usual for a while there. My boyfriend,TimmCosplay came out to visit me for most of the month of May. Our first anniversary was on the 25th, and he’d never been out to see my home province and meet my family before. It was a delight to have him around, especially for so long and with so many long stretches where we could just be with each other and have no one else around. We learned a lot about each other, I think, and it just made things even better than they already are. :)

We also talked a lot about future plans and while it was already pretty sure before, it’s an absolute certainty now: I’m moving to Victoria, BC in September. There’s a lot to establish and sort out and I have no idea if I can get a job before I get there or if it has to wait until after I move (I’m trying everything right now) so I’m still saving my pennies to account for the possibility of hard times at the beginning of the journey. It’s scary and I admit that I largely don’t know what I’m doing. There’s been a lot of research involved. All the same, I’m excited! Once the initial bumpiness is past, I know it’s going to be a change for the better. Tim’s been the best thing that happened to me in a long time. He’s supportive and sweet and inspiring and he gives me energy that I didn’t know I could have. He makes me feel like I can totally do the things I never believed I had a chance at.

In between job hunting and apartment hunting and packing and sorting, I’m still planning on doing what I can to make some spare cash. I’m currently making a batch of bond necklaces for sale, I’ll be opening commissions shortly (look for a post about that a little later this weekend) and there’s a new design up in the shop, in three colors: black, light blue (and other colors for shirts), and sandy brown.

lltk_trioI’ll keep you guys posted as things progress. 🙂