So welcome to December! Apologies for not posting my NaNoWriMo content this time around. I actually opted to start working hardcore on planning out Chapter Four of Prophecy of the Circle and while I didn’t finish the whole thing, I succeeded in building a framework. I still feel kind of iffy about positing straight up spoilers, especially with Chapter Three not done yet. That work I just did will definitely benefit the comic in the future, though. I absolutely want to level this thing up for the next chapter.

For writing, Alpha Base is my next project that I want to get back in to. I need to reassess it because last time I started to lose the track and meander off into the darkness, but I’ve got a plan to get that one wrapped up early next year. One of my best friends started self-publishing recently and she keeps needling me about getting into it. Step one: complete a thing!

So let’s get back to it. Heck yes.

ETA: I also started a new rough draft of a Prophecy of the Circle short story: Depths, about a certain talented individual being sent into the bowels of the Temple to look for treasure about the Seradin tech in storage.

– Comment on Patreon –

The final piece in my batch of commissions again went to WDG as a companion piece to his first character design. She’ll be popping up in the story somewhere alongside her mate, likely on one the docks of Tieke City.

Thanks again, WDG!

On that note, due to some chaos in my workplace that’s taxing me much more than usual (and the usual state of my being is already pretty taxed so that says something…), I think I’ll put off the next batch of commissions for a bit. I’ve stopped the monthly suggest-a-sketch posts for the same reason. When things calm down again, though, I’ll get the suggest-a-sketches going again on Patreon and for commissions I have two or three folks who expressed an interest but couldn’t get a slot last time for one reason or another, so I’ll be asking them first when I open up again – batch two will be another patrons-only one, but after that I’ll branch out to the public as well. That said, if all three take me up on the offer at Patreon, then there’ll still be one slot free on the next round. If you’re interested and you’re pledging, let me know and I’ll pop you on the waitlist!

This was an interesting one! The prompt Erich gave me was to draw a character based off of the designs of Hotline Miami. Talk about intense! I actually really enjoyed it, though! I spend so much time in an old-world setting in Prophecy of the Circle that getting to hop forward to something that looks present day was very enjoyable. As you can imagine, this fellow’s not getting a cameo (although if I’d been asked to do one, I’d have totally found a way to fit him in and my characters would have been so perplexed).

Here’s the second piece for him: 


Heck yeah, that was fun to draw. I had Tim pose for me so I could get the arms right and if anyone had looked in the window then, I’m sure it would have looked every so slightly mad…

Thanks Erich! That was awesome. 😀

Life’s been rather chaotic lately… but I have been completing those commissions! The last one was finished up this past weekend, and this one, for the amazingly supportive Rubje (seriously, man, thanks for everything) is already in his hands. Again, sorry for not getting this up here sooner, but I’m doing it now. It’s time. It’s definitely time.

I love this character. He gave me a little bit of personality run-down for him and a bit of backstory and he’s going to be so enjoyable to work into the story. I can’t wait to map out those cameo appearances.

Here’s his part two. I stuck to my guns and made two for everybody:


I’ll get the next two up here shortly. I just want to not bombard you guys with posts at the moment.

Here’s the first of my Custom Character Commissions over on Patreon. (There’s still one slot left for this round, btw!) This one is for WDG, of a diver/fisherman Tieke. He’s slated to make an appearance in the comic sometime in the near-ish future. I hope to work these cameos in relatively quickly after commission completion, but sometimes it’ll take a while for just the right scene to present itself. 🙂

Bonus! He suggested an alternate outfit, so I drew up a second angle:

I discovered that it was easier to do two paintings, so that’s likely how I’ll handle future commissions of this type as well. I’m going to try to give everybody two different angles, like the example image of Sarestra in the original post.

Thanks again to those who’ve commissioned me so far! You guys have been so great and so patient and encouraging.