The Quest For Better Art


Not entirely Prophecy of the Circle related, but it is kind of adjacent to being related!

I’m trying something new. It’s something that I always meant to try my hand at, but never got around to until now. I submitted a design to Threadless, and I’m hoping to toy with more t-shirt and product designs in the future. Yes, a bunch will be for Prophecy of the Circle, and a bunch will be other things. I want to try a variety of styles and subjects and ideas so that I can build confidence, learn more about what makes good design (I’m such a novice), hone my artistic skills by trying to make the cleanest work I can do, learn new tricks, and who knows, maybe make some pocket change along the way.

I’m trying to branch out beyond my comfort zone, too, so the first thing I decided to try was entering the Typography Challenge on Threadless. Everyone who knows me knows that I feel utterly clumsy about trying typography designs (the logo for Prophecy of the Circle involved many hours of cursing and whining at Photoshop and I still kind of glare at the result) but after working on this, while I still feel so, so clumsy, I hate making typography a little less. It’s given me an appreciation for it. It makes me want to keep trying new things.

If you want to wander over (I think you probably need to make an account, but that takes seconds and I’d so appreciate it) and score my entry, you’d have my endless gratitude!

I Have Written a Side Story!

Sort of! It’s terrible, but it’ll improve!


To explain, I have successfully completed this amazing feat on Patreon! Annen’s Story, which here you would have last heard about many months ago,  has a completed rough draft now, and so there’s a public post that babbles a bit about my process and what’s to come, if that’s something that strikes your curiosity.

As I mention in the post, I’ve only ever finished one story ever in my life, and it was half my lifetime ago, back in those awkward, awful teenage years, and so no one outside of my immediate family member is allowed to read that drivel. I have the chance now to break that truly lousy record!

This is kind of exciting! 😀

Patreon Update and Self Mockery!

I’ve made a bit of a change to Patreon. I went in and created a little archive on the main page that categorizes all the sketches I’ve ever posted, and it also lists all of the short stories I’ve written so far. If you need an easy way to go back and look at some of the things I’ve posted, or if you want a glance at how much of each type of bonus material is already in existence, then it’s now easier than ever to do!

And now, for a bit of fun, I had an old friend from days gone by find some long buried ancient artwork of mine. High school art. If you’re in need of a laugh, I guide you this way…


Yes. That is what you think it is.

Among other things. Um.


If that’s the word for it.