I’m Taking Commissions!


* I’ll be doing all of these on 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock/watercolor paper. It’s about the biggest I can feasibly mail without damage.

* This is just to give an idea of what my art costs. It’s based on approximately a $20/hour wage and I’ll do any of these for the flat-rate described. If, however, you have ideas that aren’t represented in the chart, you can still send me a message and we can likely work something out. 🙂

*I don’t have many of them to show, but I can and will totally draw humans as well as furry critters of all species. Here’s an example of what some of my art of humanoid critters looks like:

i_am_become_death_by_talon_serena-d5ujsya 9fcb98e005aebd9ee5b7da7fa13287bd-d5hu9h1

* I won’t do anything past a PG-13 rating, just out of personal discomfort. A bit of blood, sure, but no major gore, and sexy is okay, but not sexually explicit. If you’re not sure where the idea you’re thinking of fits in, send me an email and we’ll talk!

* For digitally colored art, in addition to the high res finished piece that I will email to you, I can also mail you my preliminary work on paper if you desire! 🙂 That might include anything from pencil sketches to inked artwork. As with all of the other mail-outs, that won’t cost you anything extra.

To start, I’m accepting up to five people. If you want in, you can send me a message through my site’s contact form or PM me through any of my social media accounts (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, DeviantArt, Furaffinity). Whatever is easiest for you. 🙂


To The Future

Sorry that I got kind of quieter than even my usual for a while there. My boyfriend,TimmCosplay came out to visit me for most of the month of May. Our first anniversary was on the 25th, and he’d never been out to see my home province and meet my family before. It was a delight to have him around, especially for so long and with so many long stretches where we could just be with each other and have no one else around. We learned a lot about each other, I think, and it just made things even better than they already are. :)

We also talked a lot about future plans and while it was already pretty sure before, it’s an absolute certainty now: I’m moving to Victoria, BC in September. There’s a lot to establish and sort out and I have no idea if I can get a job before I get there or if it has to wait until after I move (I’m trying everything right now) so I’m still saving my pennies to account for the possibility of hard times at the beginning of the journey. It’s scary and I admit that I largely don’t know what I’m doing. There’s been a lot of research involved. All the same, I’m excited! Once the initial bumpiness is past, I know it’s going to be a change for the better. Tim’s been the best thing that happened to me in a long time. He’s supportive and sweet and inspiring and he gives me energy that I didn’t know I could have. He makes me feel like I can totally do the things I never believed I had a chance at.

In between job hunting and apartment hunting and packing and sorting, I’m still planning on doing what I can to make some spare cash. I’m currently making a batch of bond necklaces for sale, I’ll be opening commissions shortly (look for a post about that a little later this weekend) and there’s a new design up in the shop, in three colors: black, light blue (and other colors for shirts), and sandy brown.

lltk_trioI’ll keep you guys posted as things progress. 🙂

Onwards and Sideways

Last time, I talked about making some merchandise available for Prophecy of the Circle (and other things) and… this month I’ve gone and I’ve done it. After experimenting in different places and doing some homework, I’ve set up a shop on RedBubble with a few of my previous art pieces available to be printed either for your wall or on a variety of goodies. It’s a small start, but I plan to add more to it as the weeks and months go on. 🙂 I’ll make sure to mention when new designs appear.

On a related note, I also mentioned a few months ago that I’d hit upon some hard times, and that… really hasn’t changed. With the way of the economy where I live, that’s not looking to improve anytime soon, either.

I’ve been diligently squirrelling away what funds I can into savings, and I’ve been reducing my belongings so that I can pack up and try elsewhere. I’m actually aiming to make the big move to another province entirely within the next few months. My boyfriend, who you’ve probably seen around in the comments as TimmCosplay, is a resident of British Columbia and so are a whole bunch of my relatives. I’d have family and friends around there, and with the education and experience I have, it seems that would be a better place to test my skills and seek fulfilling employment. I know here isn’t a good place for me.

In the meanwhile, I’m trying whatever I can to make starting over a bit faster and easier. I like to give back for any amount of money that’s passed my way, so I’m not keen on just taking donations. I’d rather work for it. To that end, besides the RedBubble store, the Patreon is always there of course. Those who are already contributing have been absolute life-savers and have me intensely whispering “thank you” every month. As I pare down my art supplies, there may be some new goodies appearing on Storenvy.  It won’t just be art up there in the near future. I have to acquire a few more bits and bobs, but I do have a drawer full of things like jewellery-making supplies, and I want to put together some Tarsin bond necklaces. I’ve made two before. They looked a little like this:


I need to get more cord to string them on, and I’m thinking I’ll pick up some beads to make some Tieke, Harangin, and tekk themed necklaces, too.

I’m even considering taking commissions for the first time in my life. It could be a thing! If it is – and honestly, I’m thinking that it likely will be – I’ll let you guys know when I have slots open.

And, as always, if anyone has suggestions for what else I could provide, then I am so completely open to hearing what you have to say. I love the feedback. Feedback is good!

At the very smallest, absolute least bit, of you’ve got an adblocker, if you could put this site on your whitelist, I would love you forever. You would suddenly feel this beam of warm thankfulness descend upon you, and that is the feeling of my gratitude.

In the meanwhile, thanks! You guys have always been the best to me.

The Quest For Better Art


Not entirely Prophecy of the Circle related, but it is kind of adjacent to being related!

I’m trying something new. It’s something that I always meant to try my hand at, but never got around to until now. I submitted a design to Threadless, and I’m hoping to toy with more t-shirt and product designs in the future. Yes, a bunch will be for Prophecy of the Circle, and a bunch will be other things. I want to try a variety of styles and subjects and ideas so that I can build confidence, learn more about what makes good design (I’m such a novice), hone my artistic skills by trying to make the cleanest work I can do, learn new tricks, and who knows, maybe make some pocket change along the way.

I’m trying to branch out beyond my comfort zone, too, so the first thing I decided to try was entering the Typography Challenge on Threadless. Everyone who knows me knows that I feel utterly clumsy about trying typography designs (the logo for Prophecy of the Circle involved many hours of cursing and whining at Photoshop and I still kind of glare at the result) but after working on this, while I still feel so, so clumsy, I hate making typography a little less. It’s given me an appreciation for it. It makes me want to keep trying new things.

If you want to wander over (I think you probably need to make an account, but that takes seconds and I’d so appreciate it) and score my entry, you’d have my endless gratitude!