Ending My Third Decade With Gratitude

So begins another trip around the sun for me today. I just turned 30. :)

And on that note, I want to thank you guys. If there’s one great thing on my birthday, it’s getting to take a moment and look at where I’ve gotten myself to, and to who’s helped me along the way. You all deserve recognition. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I’ve got the best group of readers I could ever ask for. You’re all fun to tell stories to. You curious and helpful, you’re funny and smart, and you genuinely seem to like my rambling tales.

You’re supportive, too! So very supportive. I’ve successfully sent many little original paintings out into the world since I started sales late last year, and I’ve even gotten to hear back from most of you via email when the package arrived, which is always a real treat. I love when I get to exchange little messages with you guys. :) Even recently I’ve been so pleasantly surprised and impressed. I started the Patreon for Prophecy of the Circle less than a month ago and already it’s been more successful than I could have hoped. It makes me want to contribute as much as I can. There’s content going up four or five times a week there, and I want to offer more.


One change I know I’m making is that I want to make the short stories I’m writing a bit more accessible to more people. Currently there are two parts to Annen’s story posted and ready to read, but $10 a month is a bit steep for some (it definitely would be for me, for sure). I still want to keep the $10 tier special, so I’m not changing that one. The higher level contributors still get to read whatever I’ve written each week with no waiting, but in the future, at the $5/month tier you can read the stories once they’re finished. It means a longer wait in between, but you still get the content in the long run. I’d feel better getting to share with more people. Bonus, that tier already comes with an early comic every week, access to my sketchbook of ideas, progress scans and photos and my commentary to go along with. It’s pretty snazzy. I want to make it snazzier.

In case you missed it, too, I posted the first little bit of my first short story for the public to see. I only mentioned it on my Twitter and Facebook at the time, but I want to make sure you guys get to see it, too. It was meant for all to see. Here’s where you can take a look at it.

The fact that I’m writing again is amazing unto itself. That deserves more of a thank you to you guys. Its been years for me since I had the motivation to write. As some of you know, I actually have a degree in Professional Writing, and, I won’t lie, for the last very long time it’s felt very strange to look at it on my wall because I really wasn’t writing much. Not the way that I used to, at any rate. Somewhere in there I just lost all interest in full paragraphs and in painting a picture with words alone and instead it’s all been comic scripts and storyboards. Comics are great, though! Don’t get me wrong, they’re fun, but the variety is better. I like doing more. It strengthens my artistic muscles, so to speak. I couldn’t find a way to get started before, and I think a large part of that was a lack of confidence. Knowing that there are people out there who are keen to read what I’m writing even without the artwork attached is just what I needed to kickstart my work again.

Thanks again, all of you. I’m thankful just to be able to hear from so many of you and to talk back. I’ve made great friends, I’ve seen some great work from you in response to my own – fanart and cosplays especially (I never, ever thought there would be cosplay from this story; wow) – and I’ve felt valued.

Happy birthday to me, you guys are just great. :)

Patreon is Now Live!

Finally, after what’s felt like ages of pondering how I could go about such an endeavour, I’ve taken the leap into the modern age. Prophecy of the Circle now proudly has its own ongoing Patreon campaign!

Through Prophecy of the Circle’s Patreon page, you can pledge to provide a monthly donation – as little as $1, and trust me, even that little bit helps a ton – to help make both my existence and the story’s a little rosier. The more donations are gathered, the better the comic gets. In the future there could be fewer ads on the site, actual physical books as a feasible reality, more updates per week, more extras and goodies. The possibilities are a bit on the endless side, which is kind of exciting. I really want to be able to make this the best it can be, and I think we can do that.

In the meanwhile, until we get to those big milestones, there’s an assortment of little rewards available to backers of the story. Goodies for you guys! As a preview, some of the options I have up for grabs:

* $2 or more per month: you get to see the newest comic pages a few days early, on Saturdays instead of Mondays. All weekend long you can cackle villainously at your newfound knowledge of the future.

* $5 or more: early comic pages, a look at progress scans of each page after it’s live, including raw pencils and inks, and you also get a look at my world-building sketchbook. I think an awful lot about how the world around our heroes works and looks, and not all of it makes it into the comic. Some of the things that have appeared or will appear go through a few revisions before they see completion. There are character designs, location planning doodles, sketches of objects and critters… All sorts. All sorts. I like to provide these without names or context attached to avoid major spoilers.

*$10 or more: all of the above, and access to the rough drafts of the short stories I’ve been writing on the side. There are a lot of stories that I just can’t tell in the main plot of Prophecy of the Circle without derailing the story entirely, but I’ve always wanted to tell them anyway. The ultimate goal I’ve settled on is to make a book or two of illustrated short stories, and to support that creation by offering to let you guys read what I’m writing as it gets done. Secrets!

And those are just a few of the options. There are more available, and I’ll likely add new options in the future as it all progresses.

Endless Art Sale Part Three

About time I got that post about being sick off of the top of the list here, isn’t it?

I was aiming for a slightly more grandiose posting here this week but due to some unforeseen (and yet happy this time!) events in the last week, a couple of my plans got a bit delayed.

In the meanwhile, I have the third wave of the Endless Art Sale to announce! It’s a small one this time, with only two new original art pieces up for grabs, but there’s larger potential, too. Instead of posting the sales in phases, I’ve been making a backlog of sketched out ideas, and I’m going to aim to just keep on adding new art more or less regularly so that there’s more variety to look at in the long run. Soon I’m going to get a little advertisement rolling somewhere so that if there’s something new, there’ll be a visual cue for all of you here on the home page and you don’t have to keep checking the Storenvy page to know for sure. :)

I’m going to try and offer a bit more variety in terms of the art itself, too. Some might be much cheaper little doodles, and others will be full color complete art pieces, like the two that are up there now. I’m trying to branch out a bit. :) Hopefully that serves everyone a bit better.

There are more interesting new developments to come in June, so keep checking back here! It should be a really cool month for this site.

Sick Day

I did that stupid thing where I kept working during a busy week at my day job even though I was coming down with a cold, and I ended up developing bronchitis. Whoops. I’m dumb. :< And so close to the end of chapter two, too.

I’ve posted these sketches on my Tumblr before, but I’ve never shown them here, so… here. Silly ideas I had when I was first fascinated with the ISS and rockets last year. I dreamed up a Canadian tikedi astronaut chick and never named her, but had some fun with the idle idea. I probably had the most fun with the press conference sketch and the one of her sleeping with limbs all floating.

I did get the majority of this week’s comic done before I got sick, so next week there should be something, at least. But sorry guys. D:

The Endless Art Sale at Storenvy: Round 2!

There’s some new artwork up for sale (and Balta and Shanka still hanging out from the last round; their time will come =P ) in my Storenvy shop! If you’ve been watching my Tumblr, it’s mostly art that you’ve seen pop up on Tumblr in the last little bit.

Photo 2015-03-08, 6 59 18 PM Photo 2015-03-08, 7 00 04 PM


Commence: Round 2 of the endless art sale! FIGHT!