As mentioned every year: I have a tradition of starting an art piece on the last day of one year and finishing it on the first day of the next.

I know a lot of people who’ve been feeling stuck in a rut and are going into this year with great intentions of facing their struggles and overcoming. Me too, with any luck and/or gumption. So this year’s art piece features Jahrd getting up there and facing his destiny. Onwards!

 (His costume and props aren’t canonical for his journey in the comic; they’re too fancy, and more symbolic. That is: I thought they looked cool.)

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Sort of a two-for-one. Way back there was a suggestion from Jason Waldron for Thanksgiving regarding meals and giving thanks, and then for Christmas the idea of a precious gift. And I thought, you know, Derec and Jamet encapsulate the whole thing with their found-family friendship and the way Derec yoinks Jamet so readily into his home and his family and his life.

So here they are, as close as kin, sharing a meal. Happy holidays!

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