“What about two tikedi cutely nuzzling each other muzzle, maybe Jahrd parents? :3 (I’m probably thinking this because of Valentine Day).” – J.N. Squire
Annnnnnd… I just couldn’t get into drawing Jahrd’s parents, somehow. I think it’s because I just don’t have that many couples in the story to begin with and they’re… kind of the staple one. I tried it, I wasn’t feeling it, and then Tim reminded me that I’d just written another couple into the story fairly recently. That one worked! Mostly because it’s new material, I think.
The moral is that I need to mash more of my characters together while shouting “Now KISS.” Clearly.
For now: cuddly ladies! We get cuddly ladies.



“I want something that SHOUTS I’m on TOP of the world. Maybe a mountain climber who reaches the top, or a marathon runner running through a ribbon. Or just one of those hell yeah jumps with a fist in the sky. But above all something positive, energetic, glorious,, you.” – Rubje
Derec’s becoming known as the spunky crazy fluffball kid who willingly walks into danger. If I was going to put anyone on the back of a tekk, it was gonna be him. And he’s having a blast.
(I had the Neverending Story theme playing in my head while sketching this, but that’s no luck dragon…)