We’re Back!

….and I mean it this time! Back to regularly scheduled and dependable comic updates. To celebrate, starting at midnight PST tonight, there’ll be a new comic page every single day this week! I promised that I’d finish Renn’tekk’s story and post the whole thing in one batch, and so it shall be done. 🙂 You can also get the whole thing in one post for a $2 contribution over at Patreon if you absolutely need to see these last five pages right now. Which… I, of course, have no problems with… 😛

Regardless, it’s good to be back! Next Monday Jahrd’s story will continue and then Jamet’s will as well on next Thursday. Patreon goodies will also start appearing at regular intervals again tomorrow and will continue as per usual. I don’t anticipate needing to take another break for a long, long time. I’m eager to get back to this story!

Keep an eye on the news posts here, too. In a few days there’ll be another fan art update! I got a third batch just before my life got extremely hectic. I need to do a bit more catch-up behind the scenes and then I’ll have those ready to post and show off as well.

Let the week of art and story begin! 😀