Update to the Situation: Filler Comics and Art

So, as I type this, there’s about a week left until I run out of pre-made comics. The last finished page is scheduled for October 27th. As I’m sure you remember, the move has left me in temporary lodgings for the forseeable future and without my art supplies, for they are trapped in storage, and I can only do finished art with Photoshop at the moment. I didn’t want to continue the current story with a totally different artistic style because that would just feel really disjointed and awful, so instead, this is what I’m going to do:

Pause the current storyline, first of all. For the week beginning with Halloween, there’ll be two filler art posts instead of comics.

After that, I’m starting a new, entirely digital art side story for a while that’ll follow Renn’tekk around. Because I don’t know how long it’ll have to be, I’ll have to stay resourceful with my storytelling. It might stay as more of an exploration of the tekk way of life, or, if things go on longer than expected, I might have more than one side story (fortunately, I have plenty of ideas). Either way, I’m getting ready to post it. I have the first page completely done already and the first ten or so weeks scripted. That story will be posted on Mondays, and Thursdays will be filler art.

When I do eventually get a new home and/or a way to unpack my possessions from storage, I’ll get the hiatus stor(ies) to a good ending, compile it all into a downloadable file that I’ll make available to everyone, and remove it from the archives so that it’s not in the way of a normal read-through in the future. Then I’ll continue the current storyline as if nothing ever happened (as long as one is willing to ignore the gap in time stamps). That way everyone gets exciting new content, I get to keep my skills updated, and the actual plot doesn’t get messed up in the long run.

Again, I’m sorry for all the kerfuffle. I hope this rings as a good solution to a weird situation. I’m looking forward to showing you a different side of the world of the tekk and tikedi, myself. 🙂


  1. Sounds like a fantastic solution! I’m excited to see what new stuff you come out with!

    Speaking of removing things from the archives, are you planning on separating Jamet’s story from the main cast, or leaving it as every other page for a spell? Personally I think it would be best separated (perhaps as just its own section plunked in between chapters if you’re concerned that people will miss it otherwise) because it’s hard to keep up with exactly what’s happening in two stories at once.

    1. Whoops! Sorry I was so slow to reply. Life’s been like that lately.

      I’ve been tossing around what to do with Jamet’s story, and you’re right that it can’t stay the way it is, although it’s a bit more of a complicated tangle than the hiatus tales because Jamet’s story and Jahrd’s story are running alongside each other for a reason that I can’t quite tell you about yet. They can’t be entirely separated. I do have some ideas for how to better handle that and remove confusion once both are completed and I can go back to rearrange, but it’s going to be a different solution and might require a bit of experimentation. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, though!

      And I’m glad you like the idea for my upcoming hiatus. Whoo! 😀 I can’t wait to get that rolling.

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