Good News and Bad News

Alas, no comic this week. 🙁 I had a really, really busy time last week and just couldn’t get things done.The good news is that I’ll finally very soon have a home! We’re looking to move in late December/early January, and that means I can finally get back into routines and get all of my stuff back. The comic can begin again from where it left off (once I finish with Renn’tekk, and her story is short)! Hurrah!

I’ve also had some very good job interviews lately, and with any luck I’ll be gainfully employed once again! Fingers crossed on that one.

The bad news is that all of that took up a whole ton of time and energy and filled the rest with paperwork, phone calls, and sleepless nights. I finally ran out of energy and couldn’t create a thing (nor could I successfully find the 14-20 hours required for me to do these pages). For this upcoming week I decided not to do battle with my exhaustion and to instead just take it off. Next Monday we’ll return to the regularly scheduled filler art wallpapers and comic pages. Promise. 🙂

There are still some goodies to go up on Patreon, mostly because I’m a few weeks ahead as far as sketches and short story pieces are concerned, but even that’s going to be a bit lackluster this week.

As for my choice of artwork today, I got a message from a reader recently and… let’s just say that you should pay attention to these Inktober doodles that I did a while back all about a crazy Tieke madman who thinks he can build a pair of tekk wings and fly. A little bit of coolness is going to come out of it. More about that when it’s done. ;P