Suggest-A-Sketch – January #1 – TomRedlion

“Try expanding on that primitive Tikedi railway idea you had a few months ago.  Maybe an intrepid Tikedi engineer is at his design desk trying to draw something that might work…”

The first of three. This was a challenge. I was trying to portray a particular personality and have some fun with the look of this guy, making him look like the hardworking and dedicated type with a roughness to him. I was trying for a look that says “this guy will happily get his hands dirty to build his dream.” I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t just drawing a boring ole tikedi-at-a-desk like I’ve done in the past. I tried to give him some body language and I put more effort into the background and the doodads around him than usual. It was a good stretch of my creative muscles. 😀


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