Still Alive! There’s New Fanart, Too.

And with my usual terrible ability to ever think of anything to say in my news post section, it appears that a few months have passed without much of a word from me. Sorry about that, guys. I just have a habit of working in silence and not realizing that I’m doing it.

I’ve had a busy summer and autumn and its kept me hopping, but unfortunately not much of that has been on the website stuff I’ve planned. Such is the trial of being an adult: there’s always something that needs attention and not much of it is fun, necessarily. Maintenance and work and paying bills and the like. You all know how it goes. =P

But winter’s approaching, and as a matter of fact, it even snowed today, just so it could prove that point to me. With the colder weather comes a bit of a slow-down in the amount of stuff I have to keep on top of in my everyday life, so maybe we’ll see some progress on a few of those half-finished projects I keep babbling about without actually saying anything (I’m so delightful that way).

I do want to pop in here and tell you guys one thing, though, and that’s that you are all a delight. I mean that. It’s been especially apparent with the chatter going on in the comments section over the past few months, but its always been rather true. All of you bring such a smile to my face, and you’re just so genuinely enthusiastic that I couldn’t ask for more or better. It would be a shame if that went without acknowledgement. I love telling stories to you guys because you’re the best audience I could hope for. It’s been on my mind for a bit now that I need to say that. You make this worthwhile.

And on a final note, there’s been another bit of fanart submitted, this one by Tim Matthews, also known as that fellow who cosplays my characters with such skill.

No seriously, I never dreamed that there’d be fanart even, let alone cosplay; this is an amazing place to be in my creative career. And here I need a gallery to showcase both. You guys are fantastic!

But yes. You should go check it out. =D 

And until next time! I’ll try to not let quite so much time pass between babblings  here. 🙂