Something Broke In Navigation

OCT 23: An Update to Last Night’s Post: I’m home from work again finally, and I’ve applied a temporary fix by removing all of the sub-chapters from Jahrd’s and Jamet’s stories. Not ideal, but until I have the time to come up with a better solution, it’ll have to do. I’m really not sure how to get the functionality that I wanted before, but if I figure it out – and I’ll be pondering it whenever I get a chance – I’ll put the sub-chapters back. Until then, this is at least functional, if not elegant. Also, as it turns out, the navigation system was broken from the get-go, it’s just that none of my bug testers (including myself) went back far enough to run into one of the sub-chapter divisions where the bug was occurring. Apologies to anyone going back through the archives who might have encountered the wall. I didn’t hear a word about it until I saw it for myself so hopefully it just didn’t actually affect anyone. Again, if you see anything weird, please do let me know as soon as you see it (but it’s also good to check the news posts first to see if I already know…*nudgenudge*). Thanks, guys, and sorry again for the hiccup. This stands as a humble reminder that I’m definitely no programmer.

OCT 22: I think it must have been when I updated the Comic Easel plugin that runs this thing, but navigation within Chapter Three has developed a glitch. Basically it just suddenly refuses to navigate between sub-chapters within Chapter Three and I’m not sure why because they’re set up exactly the same way as sub-chapters in previous chapters and those navigate through just fine…
Was it broken before and I didn’t notice it? I could have sworn it was working… I’m not sure now, but if you saw anything at any point before, let me know. If you happen to be wiser in the ways of Comic Easel than I am and know what my problem is, again, totally let me know. I’d love to fix this and I know I don’t have time for a bug hunt at the moment.

I’ll have to look more into this, but at 10:30PM on a Sunday night where I have to get up at 6:30AM for work… If I can’t find a solution within 24 hours I’ll just have to remove all of the sub-chapters on a temporary basis until I have time again to figure out the reason.