Help Me Help You

Hey guys! Apparently my comic updated a day late. I looked into it and the culprit seems to have been a scheduling hiccup. It happens occasionally and used to plague the site in ages past. While I have a fix installed and have ever since those dark days of constant scheduling errors, a compatibility error caused it to fail out of the blue yesterday. The patch has been patched again now and things should be working once again.

That said, I have a small request. It’s cool that you guys let me know about stuff like that, first of all. I schedule the majority of my content ahead of time to facilitate my busy, busy life and I don’t really watch the site like a hawk. More like a duck, really. Paddle in, paddle out. If you do see a hiccup happen, rather than booping in an annoyed comment after the fact, it’s super helpful if you comment as soon as you notice it on any post, anywhere,(they’re all moderated these days, so don’t worry if it’s not an appropriate post; I’ll appreciate the heads up regardless) or, if you prefer, I’ve got a handy dandy contact form right over hereĀ ! It’s also in the sidebar. Just make sure you include a valid address for me to reply to. That way I can get it fixed right off the bat. Thanks much!