I have a weird tradition of giving my computers names, and they always start with M. Meet Merrick, my new shiny MacBook Pro! You never really notice how much you need a new computer until you get one and it becomes painfully obvious how slow and hiccupy the previous machine had become. After the maintenance I’ve been doing this year, I think my desktop will last a while longer, and maybe even a few more years if I’m lucky, but it’s definitely a solid relief to have something fast to work on where I don’t have to worry about running into errors.

As for this one, it’s got all my files copied to it and all of my apps, and it’s basically set up the way I want it to be finally. I can play games that would never run before, like Obduction (finally!), and it’s so fast and smooth for all of my art and writing work. Worth it. 😀

My last laptop got pretty scratched up when I didn’t get a case for it right away, so I aimed to remedy that this time. Between the hard shell case and the keyboard cover, it’s a lot more protected against scratches, scuffs, and crumbs. The small sticker on the case is by Coey and Shy and the large sticker is by Kellie Lamphere. I have kind of a thing for foxes. Always have and I’ve been embracing it lately (with the help of my friends who just keep getting me fox-themed stuff).

I picked the current desktop randomly off the internet just to get the standard Mac OS X mountains off of there, but I’ll admit, I’m annoyed that I can’t find the original artist. Help there would be welcome. I grabbed it off of here and tried a reverse image search, but no luck. If anyone’s got a clue, I’d love to be following their other work, gotta say. This one’s lovely.