Chapter Four Designs: Kirie’s Hunter Gear

Okay. I’ve got a while before Chapter Three ends, but if I’m going to be smart about this, it’s definitely time for me to start planning out Chapter Four. Hurrah, this means that those of your pledging $5+ will be getting some sweet, sweet world-building and concept art for the next while. Especially since Chapter Four is very close to my heart.

Some of you might recall from the website’s About the Story section that Prophecy of the Circle began as a novel trilogy I was writing in my late teens and early twenties. Some of the events of Chapter Four were actually originally described in that first unfinished novel, so this feels a bit like coming home.

I plan to put a lot of effort into mapping out locations and finalizing character designs and environmental details for this one. I also want to have the script written more in depth before I even start than I ever have before. Basically I want this to be solid.


For character designs, I want to have a turnaround shot like this of every single one of them, and I’m going to keep them all in a binder on my drafting table for easy access. I’ve also got a bulletin board in my studio that I can tack the currently relevant designs to and switch them out as needed. Organization is key! It leads to much less stress.

To avoid spoilers, I’m mostly going to post things without context given. Feel free to infer amongst yourselves.


For this one in particular, I can’t take full credit, though. The original design was one of Tim’s from a few years back. I just liked it so much that I had to use it, and I knew when it was going to come into play. Here’s his:


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