Due Appreciation

Been looking forward to this. This page. Yes yes.

First: Tieke City! It’s the place I’ve explored the absolute most in story chunks since I began redesigning this story from it’s original version (from way back when I was in my teenage years).

Even more fun, I finally get to mention one of the collaborators I’ve had over the years: my brother, Liam. We always got along rather well as far as siblings go, and it used to be that we’d design these stories together. Aurorin here is his from long ago, as is the aforementioned Stiggs (although Stiggs’ first name, Jardren, is the only remaining reference to an old character of mine who pretty much lost all usefulness as I got older). They’ve been through major redesigns in the last thirteen years or so, including a whole species change for one of them, but all with my brother’s guidance.

It makes me feel pretty special to get to use them in my story.

So, for the record: thanks, Liam! I hope I do your fellows justice.