Art By Fans

Erglebergle ermahgerd. First off, a tiny warning: I’m struggling with getting the comic finished in time for Monday due to personal reasons that are smashing my creativity into dust, so I’ll advise that there’s a fifty-ish percent chance that sketches (maybe stickmen, depending on how bad it is; maybe a photo of my cat being dumb if it’s the worst it can be) will be posted instead of a new page, come the day. As always, I’m trying not to have that happen, but sometimes life just kicks you when you’re down and there’s no getting up. I give a hearty thppth to it all.

Edit: Never mind! Got ‘er done!

Good news is that there’s a new section up for the web to look upon! Check the menubar and there’s now a Fan Art section, with works by a friend,  fan, and fellow comicker to start things off. If any of you have ever done or ever will do art based off of my story, there’s a bunch of handy methods for getting ahold of me, all available on said Fan Art page, and you may  gaze upon those knowing that I will publish artwork everywhere that there are buttons to allow me to do so! Unless you don’t want me to. But if you do, it will be done!

Go take a look-see.