Interlude Two: Page 5


  1. Good god, the Tekk are tough; the hell does it take to kill one? A RPO-A “Shmel”? RT-20 shot? Point blank claymore? M-21 Mine? Ballista to the neck?I mean, come on, those wounds are what I’d usually call “Mortal”!

    1. Oh, we all know that tekk are easy enough to kill. Their wounds here are, much like the tekk themselves, deceptively dramatic. Ah’tekk totally missed if he was going for anything vital, and Shan’rekk’s bite wound is on his shoulder and not especially deep, especially for a critter of his size. It’s just bloody. He’ll need that cleaned up and he’ll probably be limping for a while when he walks or lands, though.

      Ah’tekk’s wing is probably never going to be the same again – he’ll be scarred up at best, and grounded for good at worst – but again, if he can get that cleaned up and taken care of he’ll live.

      He’d better hope he can get a chance to get that cleaned up. Depends how mad at him Shan’rekk is.

    1. My thoughts were that the Seradin were a more advanced culture from a different island or continent. Only because this is a simpler explanation than space travellers 🙂
      The Seradin made contact, discovered the messy Tekk/Tikedi relationship, got attacked by the technology-hating Tekk, then decided to leave things well alone (abandonning tablets and other tech in their haste to leave).
      Space opens up interesting questions: Have the Seradin really left, or have they settled somewhere else on the planet? It would be odd to abandon the planet after a long arduous journey. Also, does this planet have a name yet?
      There is a statue of Teyka in Tieke City (?), showing her as tall creature with a tail. The tallness my be a sign of worship or respect. Or I may be mis-remembering everything.

      The Seradin are considered as monsters by the Tekk. Sounds like a major diplomatic foul up occurred. What happened? Did the Seradin envoys visit the Great Tree, comment that it contained a lot of wood, and make a gift of a crate of chainsaws?

  2. o.O i see what you’ve done Meg you’ve made Ah’Tekk an ANTIHERO!!!!!!!!!!! dun dun duuuunn!!!! Well Written story i must say and the pictures are pretty too! <3

    1. XD I’m glad I write believable characters, but honest, that’s one of the villains we’re looking at here. Jahrd’s the protagonist (and there is a difference between a protagonist and hero, definitely) and this guy 100% wants to murder him and then commit genocide against anyone with blue fur. Those are his happy dreams.

      I don’t know that he’s really as interested in preserving the Circle as he says, either. His decisions have always been colored more by a personal, selfish need for revenge, despite what he says out loud. Offer him a more peaceful route to harmony and he’d find a reason to dismiss it and continue on his bloody warpath.

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