1. Dusk says:

    Ah what a page to start on, well end on for a new reader I suppose. Am I alone in thinking that if he is bringing up the sickness first, he may not have the pages yet, yes yes I know this was most likely confirmed when he asked what Jahrd has lost but still. Also I find it strange that at a ceremony that seems to scream old traditions, no one is worried that Degur is breaking them. Does this mean that this is the true breaking of the circle and not that of the Tieke? I cannot wait to see more of what is going to happen, this is an amazing story!

    • Meghan says:

      You’re exactly right. Degur still believes, with most of the village, that Jahrd at least gave up on his tekk studies and that Jacind was wise enough to stop encouraging him.

      And right again: things are not right or balanced in Oros if the people are not only allowing, but demanding that Degur continue. If it’s not a break in the Circle, it’s definitely a great big crack showing.

      Hooray I’m glad you’re enjoying it! =D Sorry you had to wander in at such an intense point. ^^;

  2. StyxD says:

    Wow, Degur is such a natural when it comes to evil poses. Somebody give him a cat to stroke, already!

    If I was to criticize something here, the villager’s speech feels a bit… abstract to me. It would be probably a good summation of Oros’ tensions, but would a real person speak like this?

    But it does its job, considering we haven’t really seen much of the village’s daily life.

    • Meghan says:

      Yeah, no, I agree with you completely on the second panel and that has been a thorn in my side since Thursday. I must have rewrote that at least a half dozen times and I was kinda hoping no one would notice that it’s a bit on the lame side. XD; The deadline was looming and I still wasn’t getting it right so I just had to let it go. Always just have to let it go, or else there’s the risk of losing the momentum.

      I’ll probably catch it in a re-write someday and have hindsight to help me get the words the way I want them. That’s part of why I always think of this comic as a somewhat-polished rough draft instead of something final, just by sheer virtue of having been built to such a swift deadline for every page. It’s not set in stone unless it gets set and printed on paper.

      …. I think I’m just too bloody excited to have a blatant jerk of a character. XD I’m really enjoying making him look as wicked as everyone around him thinks he is right now. Panel four fell out of my pencil that way just about on accident and I just had to keep it. God, yes.

      • Asterai says:

        Degur looks wicked, and certainly he’s reveling in tearing down our Kantreska. But I can definitely see that he may just be doing the right thing from his point of view, and enjoying that he finally gets to do what is needed. I’ve torn people’s arguments down with a shit-eating grin myself, and while that was much more friendly, it was on the same spectrum of actions as this.

        He puts plenty of negative spin on all this, but he has not told one actual lie. He believes his spin, even. Not to say that he’s any good for Oros, but he hasn’t really crossed to the Dark Side yet.

        He IS a blatant jerk though. 🙂

        • Meghan says:

          I’d say you’re exactly right in your assessment of Degur. He not a Twisty McMustache villain, and rather he does completely believe that he’s playing the hero, stepping in where no one else would and doing the right thing for Oros by tearing down someone who is very bad for his people. And in a lot of ways, he has good, if painful and extremely rude, points. All the more infuriating that way.

          SUCH a jerk. ;P

      • Ayrin says:

        I too am slightly uncertain as to Degurs wickedness… I’m not certain I remember exactly what happened when Yaren was exiled, but if I’m not mistaken, Degur isn’t far wrong, and he took the fall for Jahrd. I’m not too certain our heroes shouldn’t have to pay for that.

        • Meghan says:

          Indeed. That’s pretty much how it happened. It’s one of those things that Jacind and Jahrd would love to run away from forever, but that looks rather doubtful.

  3. Lazy J says:

    Degure i mean not jahred because jahred is awsomeness in a package he’s trying to step out of the norm but sadly predispositioned beliefs are very hard to change its like one of my favorite quotes form Rome 2 ” you can put a dead horse in water but you cant make everyone drink”

  4. Lazy J says:

    i beleive that Degure needs to be punished for his assitude of loserness, however i think we are going to find some things out such has why the kantresca is dying, and i believe that jahred will voluntarily leave but i do sincerily hope that a tekk will come and rip his eys out to leave him blind because he’s such a asuper douche bag that NOBODY should have to deal with who wants a coniving cowardly scum ball to lead them, i really REALLY want to see him suffer in a way thats worse than death

  5. Divergance says:

    Now Calterra would be accused for adultary or something. Just great. And all the people just want to go back to their comfortable ignorance. They will negotiate with their leader, but now someone must be punished to please the peasants. No way back now, all of you. And we haven’t heard from Jahrd for quite some time…
    The beginning of an exile journey?

    • Meghan says:

      Definitely down a steep hill with no brakes, and while it’s still difficult to see the bottom…. I have this feeling there might be a few pointy rocks.

  6. Rice says:

    arguing with a startle mod of peoples is always a bad choice, i see what you did there Degur! *smirk*
    “:..don’t we, Calterra?”

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