Chapter Two: Page 156


  1. I’m really getting into where this story is going now! Intrigue, mystery, love, furry people, Tekk. It has a lot going for it!

  2. Could be one of two options, this is some big dark secret their leadership doesn’t want widely known or this is some clandestine research project only a select few know about.

    As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies locked up in a secret cavern and even closer.

    Either way this is an awesome ride.

  3. “You didn’t go after her? That can’t be how it went.”
    And now, the plot twist, Jahrd was adopted all along. 😀

  4. Jacind’s WTF face in the last panel is priceless 😀
    The plot thickens from page to page… I don’t know how come that it hasn’t exploded yet :O

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