Chapter Two: Page 144


  1. Its Hard to say whats going to happen but my money is on the colony in the crater, couple of reasons, #1 Jahrd and Aeza have already met and have formed a bit of a repoir, #2 Aeza is the closest healer they are going to find for Jahrds Dad because we all know he wouldnt survive a trip to the city lol.

  2. I am now wondering how any of them could get themselves re-exiled, since it seems kind of permanent. (Well, except Shanka, who is probably not actually barred from coming back.)

    I suppose that if Jahrd founds his own village in Crater’s Edge and then convinces Balta to come run things for him* and then commits some other sort of crime that requires exile…

    * The Help Wanted ad for that position would probably run something like,
    “Dynamic start-up village looking for a well-organized tarsin to serve as Treskashek and general operations supervisor. Must have experience in managing a diverse, highly independent-minded populace with limited support from Elders. The ideal candidate will also be skilled in intercultural diplomacy, especially Tieke and Tekk (Northern Tekk study abroad experience highly welcome), and not be disturbed by frequent flyovers or instances of Tekk sunning themselves in the commons. Practical experience of crater foraging missions a plus.

    Starting salary is room+board, free armor repair, and two loincloths per year plus whatever you can hunt/forage for yourself. Opportunities for promotion to Kantreska after one year of satisfactory service, with option to appoint up to half of your own Elders after three years.

    The Village of Kraelyn is a joint venture village located in Crater’s Edge. We are committed to the advancement of all citizen through building an integrated, efficient, and sustainable economy based on developing each individual’s particular expertise. We currently serve as primary provider of crater pharmaceutical products to 20% of the Tieke Empire with upcoming enterprises in fine metalwork, custom leathercrafting, and superfast delivery services. Come find your future at Kraelyn!

    1. All I can say is that you have a heck of an imagination, and I love it. XD

      Jacind’s been sort of exiled from Oros before (more like sent away), but it was a different set of circumstances. That time was with the hope that he’d come back a little wiser, rather than a total get-out-and-don’t-come-back like this is. That’s a story I need to tell sometime. Still, for him it’s a sort of re-exile already.

      But then, Balta’s more telling the remaining community, rather than Jahrd and co., that he’s not a fan of this degree of intense heartbreak, so if they could behave from now on, that would be great.

      Also if someone could make him a drink and fetch him a TV with something soothing to watch (I wonder what that would even be) that would be just fabulous.

  3. “So… are we going to Aeza’s colony south and east, or to Tieke city now?”
    6th panel Balta is like “I’m too old for this kinda bullshit” 😛

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