Chapter Two: Page 142


  1. No, Balta is actually right. Shanka’s mistakes weren’t like that.
    I can’t help but feel that Vendess is trying to play something here.
    Although he’s right in that condemning the whole village will do little good for everyone. No matter how much they actually deserve to be shouted at.

    And I’m totally digging the design of the tikedi leaning behind Calterra, whoever he/she might be. 🙂

    1. That’s the guard that ended up with Malek on the end of his spear and then was worrying about Calterra. He really is kind of a sweetheart. I think he feels a bit like he’s got to keep helping Calterra now, just to make up for the whole mess. =P

  2. It looks like the CSS for the footer got messed up, or something wasn’t updated. Applying “background-size: contain” to the #prefooter element seems to fix this issue.

    1. Ahh! Thank you! I’ve been trying to fix that forever. It’s because I had to increase the main column width to accommodate the comic since the theme this is based on wasn’t designed for comics (so few are). The footer just didn’t want to go and I wasn’t especially code savvy enough to make it work. I appreciate that. =D

  3. Well, it’s good to see that Vendess is getting Balta’s point and is starting to get on the ball with it. He’s overcautious but I can tell he’ll continue to be an important voice of reasoning to Balta’s leadership to come.

    1. I will never not love his ridiculous hat. I still wish that I had any idea what possessed me to make him wear a chunk of wood. I seriously have no clue whatsoever. XD

      1. What if it’s the sacred Harlech bark? And he’s receiving orders directly from the tekk via telepathy?

      2. Well he probably did get it from the Crater. ;P That’s the nearest source of wood. Unless it’s imported from Tieke or something. XP

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