1. Lazurkri says:

    Hmmmn, Self serving interests and something that violates their beliefs… i sense a lynching!

    Something I’ve wondered; are the tikedi’s ears mobile like a wolf’s or is it limited?

  2. Diane says:

    “Dad! Kirie somehow mysteriously got hurt I dunno how that happened but as a good citizen I feel like I should do something about it!”

    • Meghan says:

      Not so mysterious, actually. She smashed her head on the floor two pages back and has been dazed since, so that would quite easily be a concussion (I got one a few years back in a very similar way that knocked me out for a couple of minutes; stupid icy sidewalks). And yes, while Jahrd is a ball of not-thinking-straight panic-mode at the moment, he’s still not the malicious sort when it comes down to the wire. A bit spacey and self-absorbed sometimes, and fully capable of making ridiculous rash decisions in the heat of the moment, but here and now, when the crowd around him has all managed to find makeshift weapons and they’re converging on him and those with him… he’s definitely not the sort who’s likely to want to leave someone to be likely maimed, at least not without hesitating mightily, even if Kirie hasn’t been very kind.

      • Diane says:

        Oh, sorry, I was just being silly! 😛 You’ve made the flow of the comic quite clear, IMO. It’s clearer when one reads all the pages together, of course, so I can understand if some folks get lost between updates…I tend to re-read the last few pages between updates. I really love the art, especially the way you differentiate between foreground (most colorful and detailed), background (somewhat faded and less detailed), and distant background. You do a good job setting up for the next page in the backgrounds of previous pages. I’m also pretty impressed with how much story you get across through characters’ expressions and body language, especially given the fact that the characters are so different from human beings.

        • Meghan says:

          Oh! I am a poor detector of silly, apparently. XD It’s all right. I just have a constant deep worry that I’m rambling on in my story in such a way that I might confuse people and sometimes it slips out. There’s so much in my head and I can never get it all down, but I try to get most of it. At least the important parts. Again, not very good at concealing my insecurities.

          But aw. Thanks for all those comments about the art and story. It’s always good to know when I’m doing things right (I’m a terrible judge of my own successes and failures). Re-reading is also excellent. I always wanted this story to read as well from beginning to end as it does in installments, if I can manage it, so that’s wonderful to hear.

          Thank you. 🙂

        • Diane says:

          You’re welcome. I’ve been trying to phrase a proper compliment over the last week. The better the comic, the longer it takes me to figure out how to express myself. I’m looking forward to your future work, too. :]

  3. StyxD says:

    Well, that… escalated.
    It’s not all funny anymore.

    But I’m thinking, if he’s cast out from Oros, will Jahrd go to where Aeza directed him?

  4. Horizon says:

    It’s not stabby stabby time for Jahrd yet; he’s getting an atomic wedgie from the spider hands in panel 5!
    Beware the Ides of March Jacind! (or was it February? Damn, I can never get that warning right)

  5. Divergance says:

    Oh no, it’s Chekhov’s gun! I smell murder… Bye bye, Jacind :,(

    And all the buried demons come alive, it almost looks like a civil war!
    Dang, what a cliffhanger.

    • Asterai says:

      I dunno, he might just be cutting off Jacind’s earrings/ear. Which is still bad and severely traumatizing. But… god. I don’t think the village will ever recover from what’s happening today.

  6. MaximumCarnage says:

    Well. Crap. Comic was fun while it lasted, guys. Nice knowing ya, Jahrd.

    (purely sarcastic of course. Can’t wait to see where this all goes.)

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