Chapter Three: Jahrd’s Story: Page 26


  1. Yeah, with ears like those, who needs directional microphones?

    I’d imagine that things that humans find loud, they’d find unbearable; a Flash-Bang grenade’d be torture for tieke, no?

    1. Ohhh god would it ever. All tikedi ears are amazing compared to humans, it’s true, but the Tarsin have the best hearing out of all the tikedi. For them, something like that would probably put them into shock.

      1. More like catatonic Geez or even comatos good lord that would not be a fun experience for them, has for our new friend here


      2. Tripped on his own tongue, he did. 😉

        And yes. Definitely yes. Disclaimer about having Tarsin friends: while it may seem like a funny idea at the time, DO NOT use airhorns or other obnoxiously loud devices near them, ever, for any reason. It causes great sadness for all involved.

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