Chapter Three: Jahrd’s Story: Page 14


  1. Errr….I’d be trying to move on as quickly as possible, especially given that Jahrd is EXTREMELY distinctive, will cause people to go ” Oh yeah I remember him!’ if questioned, and have people in positions of power or who are just way too curious who see him make inquiries about him….

    1. Well, they’ve probably got time, really. First, Gessick isn’t quite like Oros. As Aleassa pointed out early on in the chapter, Orosians have a well-deserved reputation for being somewhat… extremely dramatic. From all we’ve seen of Gessick, it’s a lot more laidback atmosphere. It’s just about the opposite of Oros, so we’re not quite as likely to see a repeat of events. Not that it’s impossible and yes, they should be careful, but looking back, so much kerfuffle went on the first time Shanka was there and both he and Annen were only dismissed and sent merrily on their trouble-making way, never investigated or even watched until it had all gotten properly out of hand. Then there were repercussions that amounted to a slap on the wrist, really, and, as we’ve seen during this visit, that slap on the wrist wasn’t even especially well carried out. Shanka was able to waltz right back in without a glance.

      You’re right that there would definitely be talk, but, second point, it all depends what people have heard. News travels by word of mouth in Tarsin, and it’s not perfectly reliable or quick. Rumors, rumors, rumors. How much is even true? How much does it get distorted from one place to another? Kantreska Shensin doesn’t run as tight a ship as he’d like to, but he’s still a smart fellow who’d take it all with a large grain of salt. If he hears about Jahrd, he’d be wary, but not likely to pounce unless he had direct proof and a reason. He’d be more likely to just watch until he had something to go on that wasn’t just hearsay.

      If they keep their heads down and their noses clean, they should be all right for a while.

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