Chapter Three: Jamet’s Story: Page 3


      1. thats just it i have been following along since day one and honestly i am totally confused by the entire page if that makes any sense

      2. Well there’s not much to go on so far, honestly. I’ll try and retell Chapter Three for you.

        So far we’ve got Jahrd and company having nearly arrived at the waystation between Tieke and Tarsin, but we don’t know how long they’ve been on the road, where they’ve been, previously or why they’ve picked that direction to travel in. But we’ll find out.

        Meanwhile, here in Tieke City, a Harangin boy’s just been dumped off via boat by someone so thoroughly cloaked that we can assume they don’t want to be identified. We know the boy is angry about it, that the Priestesses were expecting him and they’re worried for some reason, and now we know that Stiggs has been watching the boy’s arrival, apparently also expected it, and that he believes the boy is a spy sent by Harangin to look for… something. But he’s really surprised that the boy is so young and so unprofessional. Possibly he was expecting a more serious threat than a kid. Still, he holds to his suspicions. We don’t yet know what Stiggs knows about and is keen to protect.

        As for why, and all the other answers to all of the questions, you’ll just have to keep reading. 🙂

        I hope that helps!

    1. My guess: some politics sh*t hit the fan. But it is unusual behavior of Stiggs. He looks not smug enough.

      1. Well, he’s not always smug. Only when he has something to be smug about, or someone to tease (and all we really know in that regard is that he likes to goad Aurorin an awful lot). There are plenty more facets to his character and here I demonstrate another of them: he’s watchful. He can be serious. He has more going on between his ears than he maybe lets on in the presence of others.

        We all wear masks from time to time.

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