Chapter Three: Jamet’s Story: Page 18


  1. Oh man, you left me with a rhyme to guess and it’s going to drive me crazy.

    . . . the circle’s edge must be run.

    . . . the Tekk dance-speech has just begun.

    . . . the fate of Tikedi and Tekk must be one!

    . . . the White One’s gifts will still bring fun.

    This will bug me until the next page posts!

    1. *evil author cackling*

      Edit to Add: My boyfriend, wise as is, has reminded me that now is a good spot to remind everyone that there are short stories in my Patreon, available in the $2/month category, and some of them hold clues to events and whatnot in this chapter, especially Jamet’s story. They don’t have answers, but they add to the experience.

      1. Pffft. I am not wise. I am far from being wise. XD

        But yes. Peoples, go look! The stories are good, and they present a LOT of cool new story content.

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