Chapter Three: Jahrd’s Story: Page 134


  1. Wow, I’ve just finished catching up, and this webcomic is great, certainly a masterpiece. I appreciate the talent and skill that goes into something like this, and I really enjoy following this story. I’ve been pretty depressed over the last few days, but this just makes me feel easier. Thank you.

    1. Aw, thank you so much! It means the world to me that you think so highly of my comic, and that’s just the absolute best that it helps you! I get that. Depression and anxiety are things that I struggle with and writing is what helps me through it. There’s something about other worlds that can just do wonders, and it’s an immeasurable honour that my story can be one that does that for you. Thank you, too!

  2. People are going to get real shouty now that Novarc is involved.

    On a side now, why did you put practically everything behind the paywall? ???

    1. Yeah, things are getting pretty hairy with all the clashing going on.

      As for the paywall thing… I’m actually not, I just don’t have time to finish anything besides the comic these days because of a 40 hour work week + 2 hour commute + chores and errands. Before I moved to Victoria I used to work only 24 hours a week which gave me a heck of a lot more time to devote to completing my art and stories. The only things that will ever stay Patron-only are true behind-the-scenes stuff, like the pencils and inks for these comic pages, my really, really rough drafts for stories I’m writing, and development sketches for art and character designs. The finished product, be it art or story or comic, is always public. I just… haven’t been able to make a finished product of anything in ages because I can’t afford the time anymore. 🙁 Heck, I feel bad for my patrons these days because all they get most of the time is the pencils and inks for comic pages and that’s it.

      I’ve been posting doodles on my Instagram and Twitter as I try to teach myself how to fit art into the day again. The Inktobers that I actually managed to do will totally be made public. I just kinda want to colour a few of them first! 🙂

      So don’t worry! You’re not missing much at all. I’m just not actually making much of anything outside of Prophecy of the Circle. >>;;;

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