Thus concludes the interlude. Coming soon: chapter two! A few years will pass, a few new characters will work their way in, and a whole lot more plot is up ahead.

But before I get to that, I’m finding myself needing to take a little bit of  a break. Somewhat. I’m actually pretty terrible at taking breaks, so what I’m really doing is taking some time to catch up on all the small parts of the site that run alongside the comic itself. I’m just changing jobs for a while. Some of it’s just small stuff like fixing little barely-noticeable errors, and others are a bit bigger and probably not bugging just me. The encyclopedia, for example, is driving me nuts by being so terribly outdated. That’s definitely a top priority on the list.

I don’t like to leave anyone hanging, so here’s the plan: Chapter two kicks off on December 5th. When I come back, I’ll have a lot of weight off my shoulders and things can roll on the way they should. Thanks in advance for the patience! I’ll see you all in December for more of the story. 🙂

If I’m a bit quiet and slow to respond, it’s because my day job is a bit of madness and the rest of my life just isn’t as easy to handle as it usually is either. Stuff. Things. I should be more myself next weekend.

Comics will still be on schedule. Never fear.

Crazy! I actually drew something that isn’t the comic! I couldn’t quite remember what to do with it when I was done, but… Here ya go! The cast from Jon Kowitz’s comic, The Fold Space, housed on DeviantArt. He’s been a constant supporter of ProtC for ages, so I felt I owed him a little something. :3

Okay, so I completely underestimated my capabilities to doodle and sketch while under pressure and running in circles trying to rebuild my home. Haaa, moving’s crazy, isn’t it? We all forget how crazy it really is,  don’t we? Maybe we could have seen that coming if I’d been thinking, but really, there are few events in life that are as non-conducive to straight thinking as putting one’s entire life into categorized boxes. No, it doesn’t ever work that neatly.

Regardless, here I am once again! My internet connection’s back, the world is mostly right side up, and a new page awaits you. On with the show! It is so good to be back at this.