Filler Art Week

Dang. Dang, guys. Seriously, dang.

I hit that burn out thing. Many friends and family members have been eye-balling my sanity levels – dwindling between the increased hours of my day job and a few other real life stresses – and for the past month or so they’d been muttering that “Hey, it’s gonna happen. You’re gonna burn out, Meg.” They knew it. I knew it. Still, I’m stubborn. I acknowledged that they were probably right, shrugged, and pressed on.

My goal was to get to the end of this scene and then go on hiatus for a couple of weeks to get my creative energy back. I’m really close to the end here, but I just couldn’t push it any further.  This last week I first found myself unable to get faces drawn correctly, and then my ability to string sentences together disappeared. Then I started questioning even the foundations of my basic plot and getting paranoid that I was an absolute hack with no business telling stories (this is a thing, it happens). On Thursday I realized I was bashing my head into walls and not getting anything accomplished, and in fact probably doing way more damage than good.

So I finally had to take a break before I’d wanted to. Just for this week, though. Next week the comic returns, and I’ll keep rolling until the scene ends. Then, yeah, I’ll still need that hiatus. It was a mistake to not take a break at the end of the last scene. I’ll aim to take better care of myself in the future.

In the meanwhile, I happened to have a doodle that was lying around of Stiggs’ markings on his back, which we never see due to that big black coat of his. I’d meant to post it last week in the Tumblr, but something stopped me. Now I know what. I realized, subconsciously, that in a few days’ time you people would need….

a butt.


  1. MikeyLikesIt says:

    I hope you get a good break. Burnout sucks, I know from experience. I also hope you get over questioning the plot or storytelling. As a hard-core long-time fantasy and sci-fi reader, I have to say that this tale so far has really captured my imagination, so much more so for being so different. Don’t doubt that you are telling an interesting tale; let me tell you that you are. I’m having trouble imagining where you are going, which is pretty cool. I look forward to what you do next, after you get a break. And breaks are good things. I always find that when I am questioning my writing, it’s because some other part of my brain has some ideas that need to bake a little, so taking some time lets that happen. Tell impatient people to bugger off–those of us who are real story-followers will keep checking back to see when you get back to it again. But do take care of yourself, and take all the break time you need! God bless and have a nice day.

    – Michael in Ruidoso, New Mexico

    • Meghan says:

      I kind of want to hug you right now. I mean that seriously; you suddenly made a lot of pressure disappear. Thank you! I needed that right now.

      The week off I took and referenced here sure helped for the short term, but it’s like you say, too: I need some time to let ideas bake and also to just let my brain cool off and stop processing so I can figure out what’s useless and what’s useful. There are only so many terabytes of space in my brain and they’re rapidly being filled. I don’t want to wake up one day and discover I’ve accidentally deleted How to Move My Left Leg in favor of considering the intricacies of a fictional alien language that I won’t even need the details of for the plot. =P

      I am so close to the end of the current scene and then I’m taking that break. The big break. A few weeks. And you’re right. I shouldn’t worry about it. >> Everything will be better because of it.

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