1. Divergence says:

    Well, telling the story from Jahrd’s perspective will surely lead to demonize Degur… And don’t you get me wrong, it was fun to see evil Degur with evil grins. It’s like he was meant for it πŸ˜›

    I think that it’s great that the story has it’s own mind, and the worst thing to do is to force the story to do something. But even poor Jahrd can see that no one, even Degur, is sheer evil. And that what that page have done – it has balanced the previous pages in that aspect. Which is great.

    After all, that story isn’t a simple one, with bad guys that look like bad people, and perfect heroes who always does the right things and who axiomatically win. The characters in here are more complex, and I think that it’s great, because that’s way it is more relevant to the life of us readers. We aren’t ideal either, as you can see πŸ™‚

    And now the last paragraph made me horribly curious. Hell I want to know now what made him such a jerk!

  2. Divergance says:

    This page is just wow. Blends everything up.

    Sometimes it’s rather hard for a storytellers to tell if they’re creating the story they tell and control it, or rather just tell the story without a real grip over it. The truth is mostly somewhere in the middle. And it better be there, as fully objective position creates a boring list of thing that happened, and fully involved position creates propaganda.

    That’s why I was a bit bothered with the way Degur was presented, with extremely evil grins and demonic poses over a red background, like he was pure evil. But the story tells something quite else – he does believe he’s way to be right and good for Oros.

    So what I felt in the last pages is that the storyteller was not objective – because knowingly or unknowingly she picked her side in that dispute by showing us degur in his “evil form”. A bit more to the propaganda side I afraid.

    And man, I’m glad that this page changes all of this, because it makes the story much much more interesting and… real. No-one is completely evil, not even Degur. That page just lifted the story another level up πŸ˜€

    And it’s really nice to hear that there will be at least 8 chapters. This comic is so fun to read (and to write I guess), that I do hope It will last for some long time πŸ™‚

    • Meghan says:

      I try very hard not to be in my stories at all, especially since I definitely feel more like I fall in the latter category. I’ve said it several times before: this story has a mind of its own. Always has, really, and its been with me a long time. When I try to make things up or have to fill in unclear gaps, it turns out like crap. At least, that’s how it feels to me.

      What I was more trying to convey with those panels was how our cast of main characters was seeing Degur, not me. I’m not a character in this story. I’m just trying to show what happened in my head to the best of my ability, and while he shares the stage with others, it’s Jahrd – still young, still naive, still with a precious comfortable home life that’s under siege and that he’s terrified to lose – who’s the main character for much of the story (unless Aurorin’s telling his side). That’s where the “propagandist” view comes from. Him and his father, particularly.

      My personal opinions of Degur are actually probably a bit surprising, but then, I know more about him than I can tell here. ;P None of these villains are really villains, and none of these heroes are really heroes, after all. Everything’s a bit grey, and a matter of perspective.

  3. donnellson86 says:

    Never posted here before(I think?) but I suddenly remembered this site from my dead phone. I gotta say that I loved the transition from the history to the present. Definitely bookmarking this comic again.

  4. StyxD says:

    I didn’t know Calterra could look so badass like on this page. πŸ™‚
    Still, things kinda suck for her now. Degur plays them how he wants.

    I somehow doubt that the mob will mind Degur going through Jacind’s possessions. Based on real world experience, people love when dirty secrets of the governing elite are revealed, no matter the methods.

    Also, I should probably have noticed that long ago, but it seems you have changed the coloring method again. Everything is more outlined and less… white? (I don’t know the proper word for it)

    • Rice says:

      do you mean “bright” maybe or the background “colour” are more intense? ^^

      PS: something to smile, who found the hair on Degurs hood in the 6th panel ? πŸ™‚

      • StyxD says:

        I don’t really mean that the colors are brighter; you’re right about the background, but I wanted to say that there’s less white colour on things for lighting.

    • Meghan says:

      Calterra’s had some practice arguing with Yaren in the past. She can hold her own. But this is the first time I’ve gotten to showcase what she’s like when she’s really insulted and angry.

      Hm. Maybe I changed how I color? I haven’t noticed, to be honest, but that’s kind of typical. XD Seems to be kind of the nature of art. Every once in a while I look back and I go “Oh. I learned something somewhere in there. Interesting.”

      The change wasn’t a conscious one, at any rate, and as time goes on, you’re likely to see more of that. Drawing’s a constant learning process, and doing a weekly webcomic is one very long session of practicing and perfecting. =P

  5. MikeyLikesIt says:

    While the slap felt good initially, I sense the mistake: “Lose your cool, lose the argument.”

    Books eight, ten? Color me happy. Something to look forward to in 2024.

    • Meghan says:

      Heheh. It’s gonna take me a while for sure. XD Eight to ten chapters, fortunately, not books. But the trilogy that follows after Tangent here is all going to be novels, so at least those’ll be quicker to produce.

  6. Random Reader says:

    Regardless of what sort of medicines he found in Jacind’s things, I really hope that theft is strongly frowned upon in their society. It would serve him right to lose some of his mob.
    While I can understand that Degur thinks he’s serving the greater good, I don’t agree at all with his methods. The ends do not always justify the means. Dude needs a reality check.
    I get the feeling that Jahrd is something like the Eika of his timeperiod… Studying and understanding the Tekk IS his purpose.

    • Meghan says:

      Indeed. He might very well have shot himself in the foot with this one. Especially since, while he’s good at finding fault, Degur’s likely not charismatic enough to turn things around on his own.

      You would not be wrong about Jahrd, in that respect. That’s a destiny that seems to pretty firmly have its claws in him, even if it keeps getting harder for him to pursue it. He’ll always want to.

      • Random Reader says:

        After I think about it a little… If his father is really that ill, Jahrd could possibly just walk into the Crater’s Edge and ask the Tekk for some Hress vine. Since the vine is a parasite that feeds off the Tekk’s precious trees, I doubt they’d mind giving him some. Except maybe if he ran into Ah’tekk.

        • Meghan says:

          The problem is that Jahrd can’t really talk to the tekk so much. That’s the word everyone who doesn’t know his work tosses around (mostly because they heard one and only one word out of him back in chapter one), but if you watch his methods, he’s more learning to listen and to read what he sees and hears. If you look at the tekk language itself, he’s probably never going to be able to fluently speak it unaided. There’s just no way that he’ll be able to come even close to replicating those shrieks and roars and all the weird honking and warbling that they do.

          Finding a way to talk back is his biggest puzzle, and currently his best lead is in finding Shan’rekk, “the tekk that speaks”.

          He’s gotten lucky a couple of times and found tekk that more or less understand tikedi speech, but that is so, so rare. That’s why he was uncertain about his chances for success when talking to Renn’tekk in chapter one and why he opted to open that conversation with what little he could speak of her language, and it’s also why when Shanka told him that he’d found a tekk that sort of, almost speaks tikedi, Jahrd suddenly was on a mission to find that tekk. He needs cooperation from the other side to pull off a meaningful conversation. On his own, his ability to understand is just a rather handy parlour trick. If no one’s listening to him, there’ll be no progress.

          And it’s hard to find a tekk who’ll listen back. Most of the tekk he runs into are scouts at Crater’s Edge, and the vast majority of those are only patrolling looking for tikedi doing what they’re not supposed to, taking what they’re not meant to, and going where they shouldn’t be. They don’t take language classes, they just keep their eyes peeled and pop out to enforce the rules and keep their territory and their tree safe. They’re not interested in debate or being appealed to, and the tikedi language is all chatter and noise to them.

          Renn’tekk’s an exception, but she’s the mate of the biggest tikedi scholar in tekk society, the one tekk who would like to change all that and have other tekk learn to listen. That’s something Shan’rekk hasn’t had much success with. Most tekk don’t see a reason to, and they just want to go about their lives and keep their world running smoothly in the simplest way possible.

          Jahrd does have tekk watching him on Shan’rekk’s behalf, but not constantly, and even if he can spot them and not startle them into flight by blowing their cover, none are as well versed in his language as Renn’tekk is. And he hasn’t seen her in years.

          So without finding either of those two, Jahrd would likely just be making a lot of noise that would get completely ignored.

  7. Anonymous 2 says:

    I’m sure there is a joke with “Bitchslap” somewhere in there.

    Wild theory ahead:
    So that city party invades the jungle to find some roots for curing the illness. Now that it’s a personal quest (dad’s life on stake), our main hero joins that team or at least follows them. At some point or another, his ability to speak with the Tekk becomes vital, as they are clearly trespassing and will likely to be killed. Things will go uphill from there on, and there will be a moreless happy ending.

    We need more romance, though. πŸ˜›

    • Meghan says:

      Haha, give it time, give it time. Keep in mind that this is only Book Zero, with Books One, Two, and Three to someday follow, and for this book it’s only chapter two out of ….eight? Probably? Might be as many as ten. This story’s got a bit of a mind of its own and keeps taking me for a ride and getting longer or shorter than anticipated. Regardless, we’ve got a hell of a long way to go yet. πŸ™‚

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