Chapter Three

Disclaimer: The following chapter is a little bit unusual. It contains two storylines, following two different sets of characters on two different plotlines that run concurrently. One, Jahrd's Story, updates every Monday. The other, Jamet's Story, updates every Thursday.

By default, chapter three opens with Jahrd's Story. Clicking < Prev or Next > in the navigation bar will take you through just his tale. At any point, you can step sideways into the closest page of Jamet's Story using the Switch Story buttons. The Next and Previous buttons will then take you through Jamet's tale instead. To get back to Jahrd's Story, simply click Switch Story again.

Click Next below to begin.

Chapter Three


  1. Ooh… Colors and patterns! So mysterious.
    Also, I’m totally fan of this new Circle Puzzle look! It looks so clean and new, with a great new font… Totally loves this! 😀

    1. The funny thing is that this was actually the original version of the circle puzzle. The patterns on the lines are new and the font was picked at the last second, but the rest is just an ancient file I had kicking around that I repurposed. It turns out that I did it right the first time. 😛

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