Worst Timing for a Hiatus EVER

… but unfortunately I need to go on one. Every once in a while, just like with any job (even if this one is a lot more entertaining than anything I do to earn the rent), a vacation is needed. You have my sincerest apologies that this comes at a cliffhanger ending. I was honestly hoping and planning on being able to push one more scene out before I had to take a holiday from Prophecy of the Circle, but that last set of pages was actually a lot more difficult to draw and write and especially to plan than I imagined it would be and it rather stressed me out and drained me dry. If you imagine that each project I work on comes with a built in battery… this one’s not giving me any more wiggle room. I have kicked it into restarting for the last time unless I give it a rest, and the message on the proverbial screen inside my head is a very clear “Stop pushing buttons. Drop that pencil. Turn it off. Plug it in. Recharge. Go.” that refuses to budge.

Still, it’s been over a year (I do believe?) since the last time I had to take a real break, so that’s not bad. 🙂 I wish my laptop came with that kind of lifespan between recharges.

So yes. I’m taking a month. It’s always been enough to get me refreshed and ready to go for another bout of storytelling, and I’m certain this will be no different. Look for new pages on March 24th, come hell or high water (although where I live, high water is likely to simply be drifts of snow and I can deal with that), where we find out if we do indeed need a new protagonist. The future is unclear.

You can also check back in between if you’re keen, because I might be able to post some extra things here and there throughout the month. If I do, they’ll be mentioned on my Twitter as well. If you have an interest in any of my other non-Prophecy of the Circle doodles, there’s always my Tumblr to keep an eye on.