Unplanned Downtime

Good grief, what a Wednesday. Sorry about that to everyone who wandered by today and either got a 404 or a page that tells you exactly who my hosting service is and indicated that I didn’t, in fact, have a site installed at all. There was a very big pile of convoluted doom that happened this morning and it’s thrown so many monkey wrenches into so many gears.

Basically I was notified that my site had been banished into the void for using too many resources. I leapt in to fix that.

And then it was reported that my site had security issues. I leapt in to fix that.

And THEN a malware scan got stuck and locked me out of my ability to even sign into my file system so all I could do was rage silently while it gave me errors and aaaaaa at the support team.

It did eventually let me in enough to redirect to my Patreon where I’d actually been able to post news and then I finally got the malware report and was able to clean up the messes. Two false alarms, not even on this site, is what caused the big old latter half of the catastrophe. At least that’s a thing to know: if this place ever goes down again, that’s where you can find me. Patreon or Twitter. I will absolutely be screaming into the aether on both of those platforms if something like this occurs again (and I certainly hope it doesn’t!). And yes, Patreon has public posts so even if you pay nothing you can just follow for the public stuff and AAAA right back at me.

Regardless, we’re online again! Support was very helpful (thanks to Scott S for being there during my work day when I shouldn’t have been anywhere near my phone but was ninjaing it out of my pocket anyway and to John B for talking me off a ledge as the evening wore on after I got home). I believe I’ve worked out all the issues. What ones remain don’t affect this site directly, but rather some of the other sites and spaces I have stored around my account. I’ve been forced to clean out the virtual closet, more or less. The site should be up and running better now, though, and hopefully it stays that way for the forseeable future, or at least until the current story is done.

Endless apologies for that whole mess. Honestly, I had no warning it was coming and of course it would happen on a Wednesday morning while I’m at work. It’s how it goes.